Hot Big Dicked Daddy Dennis At SeanCody !

July 29th, 2014


Hot Young Big Dicked Dennis





Hot daddy! OK, so Dennis is only 30, and that's a little young to be considered a "daddy." But he's just so nice and sweet and calm, and he has a very "wise" way about him. We liked him the minute we met him. He just has one of those personalities. Dennis currently lives in the midwest and has been there for about ten years. But he was born and raised in the south. He's lost his accent, but his roots are very apparent. Sean took him out to dinner the evening he arrived. They went to a seafood restaurant and he ordered Texas red fish with fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, and rock shrimp! His career path has led him down some interesting roads: "When I got out of high school I went into the Air Force," he said. "I did exercise physiology." After that he did a stint as an accountant at his father's (high-end) motorcycle dealership, and then he found his true love: being a motorcycle mechanic.   He seemed very open-minded to me, and had an interesting comment when I asked him about:  "I am Ronald Reagan conservative from the neck up," he said, laughing. "From the neck down, well, that's another story."He says he's straight, but likes to try new things. Awesome! He told us he's watched gay porn and actually enjoyed it, especially when it was in the company of his girlfriend."It gave her ideas," he said.

One of those ideas: an 8-inch strap-on which she used to fuck him."It hurt at first," he said. "But then it felt really good!"


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Tyler Torror Strokes His Thick One!

August 2nd, 2013

Tyler Torror

In Tank Top Strokes His Thick One


From the moment Tyler Torro appears on camera, sprawled out in tank top and jeans, his hands stroking his upper body and crotch, you know you're in for a visual fiesta. Tyler describes himself as an "every day guy who likes to get naked" but we think you'll agree with us that this Latin lover is perfection from head to toe. Grab hold of yourself as he takes out his thick piece of cock and pleasures himself in every position imaginable. Not only does Tyler 'have it all,' he doesn't mind showing it off. Even though he paces himself perfectly before shooting off his load, you may be hitting the replay button over and over.

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Kevin Crows Shows Us His Big Hog At SG4GE!

October 30th, 2012

Kevin Crows Shows Us His Big Hog 

It’s like marking your territory. Every new bike must be christened. Kevin Crows pulls up to the Jake Cruise Ranch on his new cruiser, so horny that he doesn’t make it off the bike before he’s shirtless and playing with his MASSIVE dick. Kevin looks like he lives in a gym with his rock-hard and chiseled body. Kevin finds a spot in the cool grass to lie down and continue. He spits on and strokes his cock, squirming about on the ground. Getting back up and walking up to his bike, Kevin drenches the seat and tank with a huge load of cum.

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Dennis Reed Hung Blond Hunk Solo SG4GE

June 14th, 2011

Dennis Reed Hung Blond Hunk Solo


When you want to see what a man looks like naked, there’s nothing better than a shirt with snaps to get things off to a great start! Denis Reed is a blond-haired hunk whose confident gaze into the camera promises a sexy solo show you won’t soon forget. As his shirt comes off we get our first look at Denis’s well-defined pecs and rock-hard abs.

 Denis jacks his cock until he can feel the cum inching up the shaft, his jaw tightening with excitement and anticipation. He finally shoots his load,the pool of cum landing halfway up his six-pack. 


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Country Boys First Massage On RubHim

March 27th, 2011

I’ve been working a lot and business is going really really good.  Today I had this dude who’s been having trouble in his right knee area.. I convinced him that the pain started on his high upper thigh..oh yeah lol. This allowed me to wonder off into other places. He was really uncomfortable at first but he eventually let his guard down and I went to work, ate his sweet ass for awhile then massaged his manhole…lol. This is by far the best straight man ass I’ve gotten so far on the job…

When your eyes are closed it just doesn’t matter who is giving you that happy ending!

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Mark Scalvo Big, Thick, Intense At SG4GE

February 21st, 2011

Mark Scalvo Big, Thick, Intense


For All Our Bisexual Buds and Those of Us Who Like to Watch!

Marc Scalvo is a local boy who we wish we would have run into sooner. Man is he hot! He’s a super solid 5’11” and has a big, thick tool. He’s anxious to fuck his girl but she makes sure she gets a mouthful of cock and ass first. Marc goes down and gets her dripping wet with his oral skills and then slides his meaty dick into her waiting hole. Marc pounds his girl aggressively, making sure she feels every last inch deep inside her. He continues to slam his girl any way he feels like until he pops all over her soft ass.

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Criss Strokes Solo At StraightGuysForGayEyes!

October 2nd, 2010

Criss Strokes Solo At StraightGuysForGayEyes!

Violating our rule of no snakes in the studio, we made an exception for Criss Strokes who sports quite the python. Handling this monster, which, by the way, is rock hard almost instantly, is sometimes a two-handed job for Criss. (A guy gets tired stroking something that big!) But all the hard work proves worthwhile, as Criss’ python spits out some tasty venom.

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  More Of


 Marco Rivera On

Marco Rivera’s jeans aren’t the only things that are ripped. His dark skin really highlights the definition of his muscles, flexing with intense pleasure. Among his finest assets is his bubble-butt, and we ensure you get a long sexy look at it. He fucks his girl tirelessly with his huge cock until he lets loose an enormous load onto his 6-pack abs. You might recognize Marco from his star turn as "Rico" on MTV’s "I Love New York." We’re very sure that the whole world loves him back 

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