Ricky One Hot Fuck At ManAvenue.com

May 31st, 2008

Ricky At ManAvenue.com

 Ricky is one hot fuck. Look at those fucking abs and huge, uncut dick. Ricky was horny from the time he said "hello" and kept saying, "I’m horny" the entire shoot. Watch him pose and flex his sculpted body and then shoot his man juice all
over his hot bod.  Enjoy!

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Martin Outdoors At Sweet Adonis

May 31st, 2008

Martin Outdoors At SweetAdonis.com

Martin showing his nice uncut cock in the great outdoors. Martin is 19 years of age and hails from Prague. He is doing lots of sports and working on his body regulary. He is quite well build and has a nice uncut cock to match. He is bisexual and loves to be active.  Enjoy. 

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Dick Armstrong Hottie At ExtraBigDicks.com

May 31st, 2008

Introducing Dick Armstrong At ExtraBigDicks.com

This week we have a local piece of hotness. He’s  sweet, sexy with bedroom brown eyes and a smile that could melt hearts on both sides of the fence. We’re talking about home-grown, Miami boy, Dick Armstrong. Dick came wanted to make a little money as well as explore his freaky side.  Any doubts vanished once he hauled out his thick 8” Cuban cock. —Coñoooo! This 5’7 hottie is packin’ some serious dick. We guess good things do cum in small packages. Dick is currently single, but lookin’ to mingle.  He’s adventurous in and out of the bedroom. Dick is a very, very bad boy. So bad, he started wankin’ in the 6th grade. Imagine how many fantasies were hatched being held after class by some hot teacher. He’s very passionate and says he’s an amazing kisser.  Enjoy. 

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Adrian Cole Handsome MusclePup At PowerMen

May 30th, 2008

Introducing Adrian Cole From PowerMen.com

Want to see what Super Heavyweight bodybuilders have for lunch? Or should we say, "who’? Meet Muscle Pup Adrian Cole. Blond and oh so pretty, with nice and hard little biceps that he offers to the big boys to squeeze in hopes of their approval And plenty of them approve, all right. After noting young Adrian’s progress (he’s just 20!), they usually go on to inspect – and squeeze -as much as they please. Adrian enjoys the attention.  Enjoy!

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What’s New & Hot At GunzBlazing.com

May 29th, 2008


While searching for some bills Tommy finds some old polaroids in a drawer of a lover from many years ago. Tommy’s mind swims with thoughts of the man in the picture – Sebastian – a buff young guy with tattoos covering his arms and wrapping around the sides of his chest, and Tommy quickly remembers just how hot their sex was?Tommy lays back and allows Sebastian to demonstrate his oral skills while slipping a finger into Tommy’s butt. The two heat up the room with sexual excitement as they suck away. The studs bang away at each other until Tommy shoots a load which causes a monstrous load of cum from Sebastian. Tommy remembers right – Sebastian was a hot lover indeed.


Title: Bruno with his toys At BangBangBoys.com

It’s always hot watching a guy take part in what really turns him on. Well Bruno shoves a few dildos, and the sort, up his hot ass in this video, and it is without a doubt turned on. In fact he told me when he jerks off nothing turns him on, or makes him cum more, than with a dildo up his ass.

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Title: James and Gabriel At BangBangBoys.com

Cast: Gabriel Samyer, James (bbb)

Here is another video from when I first starting filming 2 years ago. Please excuse the quality, it may not be the best, but that is because I was still learning the ropes at this stage. In this vid I got this amazing guy named James who had such and amazing cock and fucked young Gabriel hard. You can see how much they get into it and each other. Enjoy!

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Title: Peter & Trey At HairyBoyz.com

Cast: Peter Axel, Trey Casteel

You have never seen anything like this! This hairy pairing is fucking animalistic to say the least and features some of the most intense sex you will ever witness. Trey Casteel and Peter Axel know how men play: rough and nasty. Spit, punches, slaps, and brutal fucking are how these big men work it. They even work in a fat dildo for good measure. Throw into the mix their hair covered bodybuilder like muscles and you have hot video to loose your load over.

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Title: Remy and Roman At XtraInches.com

Cast: Remy Delaine , Roman Ragazzi

Remy Delaine and Roman Ragazzi are two mechanics having a nice long sex session in a greasy garage. Both men are confident, hairy studs whose bodies are close to perfection and so is the sex they create. Remy dives in and takes his time eating Romans butt. Roman’s ass is so hot that Remy explodes all over Roman’s hairy pecs, then the two studs switch places and with Roman all worked up, he covers Remy in cum. But this is just the beginning. Roman still wants dick so Remy stands up and shoves in his thick, fat pole and fucks away.

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Title: Facundo At XtraInches.com

Cast: Facundo

Alternative looking twink Facundo (complete with dreadlocks) knows how to put on a good cock show. He sits back on the couch (on this angle his ripped abs really look sexy) and pulls on his cock for you until he cums on his lower abs.

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ike Roberts fucks Caleb Carter hard here. After these pics were taken, Mike went on to become a pretty big porn star and Caleb went onto star on MTV show, Spring Break, but you get to see them here before they were famous in a BangBangBoys.com exclusive.

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Title: Tag and Brendan At HairyBoyz.com

Cast: Brendan Austen , Tag Adams

Aussie Brendan Austen is in San Fran for a sex holiday and who better to start the fun with than gorgeous, hairy pig boy Tag Adams? The action takes place after dark, in a huge South of Market condo in a room filled with succulent moonlight. Amazingly filmed, Austen and Adams tear each other’s clothes off at a furious pace, revealing two of the hottest male bodies of all time. Austen’s smooth, ripped abs contrast starkly with Tag’s light pelt of pec fur. And when it comes to hot ass–these guys have what it takes! Oral service is followed by powerful fucking–for the fan of the male form, this video will be an all-time favorite! Another furry highlight is Tags fur covered abs. Yum!

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Title: Tony Serrano & Bo Knight At XtraInches.com 

Cast: Bo Knight, Tony Serrano

Bo Knight wakes from another dirty daydream in the shower. When he re-enters his bedroom, he finds big dicked Serrano (lucky bastard) waiting and ready for him. The video balances between tender and tough, rough and romantic, showing a side of BO most have never seen. The couple look as if they were made for each other as every curve of their sculpted bodies fits into one another while they do a flip-flop fuck that shows the advantages of versatility. Never has either man seemed more desirable and they provide us with a perfect picture of unscripted muscle-humping heaven. 

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Title: Grunts At RearStable.com

Cast: Aaron Summers, Jay Mack

Jay Mack is matched up with Aaron Summers for a game of pool, which leads quickly to dick sucking and fucking. Jay is a tight-bodied black man with a nice fat cock and an eager mouth. He pulls out Aaron’s big cock and swallows the whole thing. When Jay offers up his ass Aaron slams his dick in and fucks him hard on the couch. Jay moans, almost screaming, as the huge tool pushes his ass apart and penetrates him. When Jay lays back on the couch and pushes his ass up for more, Aaron obliges and pounds his big dick into the excited hole. Aaron pulls out and shoots a huge load all over the young soldiers back and Jay imitates by releasing a large load of his own.

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Martin At LatinJocks.com

May 28th, 2008

Meet Martin At LatinJocks.com

Well how do I say this? We can’t just resist a THICK 8" cock! MARTIN’S is magnificent and just begged to be shot! This guy loves showing off!  Enjoy. 

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Dripping With Cody & Buddy At Codycummings

May 27th, 2008

Cody’s And One Of His Hot Buddy’s At Codycummings.com

Wanna apply to be one of Cody’s bud’s? YES. YES. YES.  This is just pure erotic fun.  Enjoy.

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Bailey’s Back At EnglishLads.com

May 26th, 2008

Bailey’s Back At Englishlad.com

Str8 hunk Bailey is back, stripping off his shirt to show his even more buffed and tanned body than last time. He loves teasing and he pulls down his jeans revealing the top inch or so of his meaty cock! A little more playing and out pops a healthy semi that he cant keep his hands off. Bailey is a natural at showing off to the camera, his body is muscled and his uncut cock is big with a slight bend. After showing off his body and his immensely hard cock he lies back next to the fire and jerks off til he drops a nice load on his abs. Covered in oil and cum this str8 hunk knows how to entertain!  Enjoy. 

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Meet Thomas At Bedfellows.com

May 26th, 2008

Meet Hottie Thomas At Bedfellows.com

 Thomas is a real hottie with a really beautiful chest  and really nice muscular body.   Ps. and oh what a nice buble butt! We bet you’ll be pleased. Enjoy.

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Introducing Joel At CorbinFisher.com

May 25th, 2008

Introducing Joel At CorbinFisher.com

 AGE: 22
HEIGHT: 5’7"
BUILD: Athletic
COCK: 6.5" Cut

Joel’s an instant favorite. When he came out to do his shoot and CF got to meet him, chat with him a bit and just be in his presence, CF knew he could really be a hit. He has a great body, great face and smile, and totally endearing personality. What’s more, he’s sexy as all hell. He’s that perfect mix of studly and cute. What’s more… he’s horny! When he started talking about his sexual experienced the crew started to get all hot under the collar, and when he starts stripping down it’s clear he’s already fully hard and ready to go. Joel is insanely horny throughout his jerking off, as well! He’s all over that couch as he works on his dick and we really think he was more turned on and in to it than I’ve seen a guy be in their solo in quite awhile! He wasn’t just jerking off but he was having sex with himself. Here’s hoping we get to see plenty more of Joel! 

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