Marq Daniels & Bogdan Gromov Fuck Klim Gromov | Lucas!

February 27th, 2017

Marq Daniels & Bogdan Gromov Fuck Klim Gromov

100% Raw!

The Russian step brothers Bogdan Gromov and Klim Gromov traveled together to Spain for the chance to have a bareback threesome with the gorgeous (and fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive model) Marq Daniels. Bogdan has demonstrated on several occasions that he’s just as good and energetic at topping as he is at bottoming. But his step brother, Klim, is a total bottom who treats his ass as a receptacle for raw cock and cum. He totally gets off on offering his little twink hole up to his step brother and alpha tops. Klim takes double the raw uncut cock from both Bogdan and Marq Daniels in this encounter.


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Dylan Maguire Fucked Raw By Ronny Lamarr | Belami!

February 23rd, 2017

Kris Evans Fucks Roger Lambert!


In all honesty, as soon as we saw the names of the guys for 'Summer of Love' flip-flop we knew we would be in for a treat. Dylan and Ronny are Belami's most naturally kinky and sexually uninhibited guys, so putting them in a scene together would always result in hot stuff! These two certainly don't disappoint.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Bob Marghiela Hot New Model | Belami!

February 22nd, 2017

Bob Marghiela New Hot Model At Belami!


Today we get to meet Bob Marghiela. Bob is one of the new guys who will be introduced properly later on as a Freshman, but for now, we thought we would show you his casting here. Bob is easy going, likes sex and jerking off and will love you forever if you stroke his chest while having sex with him. For me however, it is the lips that seal the deal.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Nobody’s Business Dani Robles & Kayden Gray | MENATPLAY!

February 21st, 2017

Dani Robles & Kayden Gray

Nobody's Business!

Have you ever asked “Is this seat taken?” knowing perfectly well that there are plenty of other empty tables, but there’s a particular guy at this particular table that is just so fucking hot you got to breath in a bit of his personal space. You actively start invading that space, shifting up closer, opening up your body language, and giving little glances to test the water. You desperately try to think of an excuse to brush up against this stud and start a conversation. Kayden Grey is as subtle as he can be when faced with such a beauty as Dani Robles. Then, when he gets the signals he’s been waiting for he gentle strokes his shoe up and down Dani’s calf under the table. Meanwhile Kayden opens his flies and lets Dani reach inside. Trying to hide Kayden's huge dick behind a newspaper is a challenge, as is Dani getting his lips around it, but before long they’ve thrown caution to the wind and Kayden is riding Dani and going at it like nobody's business!



Philip Zyos Takes Pierre Fitch’s Hole |!

February 18th, 2017

Phillip Zyos Takes Pierre Fitch's Hole!

Pierre Fitch and Philip Zyos get passionate in ‘Charmed’. A heavy make-out session turns to dick sucking and ass-licking fun before the main event. Philip fits snugly within Pierre’s hole, gently moving in and out of the Canadian stud until both can’t contain their cum.

8 Exclusive Sites for the Price of One!


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Jakob Lean Guy With A Great Dick | SeanCody!

February 15th, 2017

Jakob Lean Guy With A Great Dick!

Jakob is a pretty simple guy with a lean body, and a great dick! He was pretty comfortable with this whole thing, so it didn’t take him long to just whip that cock out and stroke it for us!



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Up Close With Marcel Gassion | Belami!

February 9th, 2017

Up Close With Marcel Gassion!


Marcel as one of the most talented and most popular bottoms at BelAmi. Marcel is a tall, well built hunk of a bottom!  Talk about Blond Bomber! Marcel works hard at keeping his body in shape for filming and it certainly shows. His hot butt always steals the show!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Mark Sullivan Blond On Fire | Freshmen!

February 8th, 2017

Mark Sullivan Blond On Fire!

Here we have a first look at Mark Sullivan.  Mark is a blond on fire!  With Mark George is hesitant how much to film, as he can tell that Mark will ‘ripen’ very fast. His cover pictures are excellent and very sexy.  We will see him very soon in a scene with Torsten Ullman. Stay tuned!


You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Paddy O’ Brian & Ken Summers Satisfied |!

February 4th, 2017

Paddy O' Brian And Ken Summers!


Paddy O’Brian and Ken Summers share an intimate moment after an endless make-out session. Ken worship’s Paddy’s rod, savoring every inch of that pulsing thick meat. Paddy’s perfect cock head pops and pumps into Ken’s tight little hole. He fucks him from behind before Ken hops on top and rides that massive piece of meat to completion.              

p2 (more…)

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Dylan James Works Emerson Palmer’s Ass | Lucas!

February 1st, 2017

Dyland James Works Emerson Palmer's Ass

100% Raw!

Dylan James is forced to wait for a business meeting he’s having with Emerson Palmer. He’d be more upset, though, if he actually meant to conduct business during it. But it’s Emerson’s ass he’s interested in and not his business savvy. Emerson works hard to win back Dylan’s good graces: he starts with Dylan’s black dress shoes and works his way up. Who wouldn’t want to suck on Dylan James’ nine-inch cock with him sitting back in a chair? It’s a pleasure watching Emerson take care of Dylan’s hard-on. When Dylan’s dick is throbbing, Emerson takes off his dress pants and gives up his ass.



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