Cutter Talk Stud Power On FratmenTV

February 28th, 2013

Cutter Talk Stud Power! 

At All New Fratmen.TV


Fratman Cutter has one amazing body. Cutter for lack of a better way to describe is CUT all over. He has great features including his nice big cock and a wonderful round ass that you will want to sink your teeth into.   His video's feature him laying out with his ass in the air and enjoying a Bed time jerk off. Check out more of Cutter at Fratmen.TV and get his content by following the link below. 

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Ron Royce Treasure From The MuscleHunks Vault!

February 26th, 2013



Treasure From The Vault MuscleHunks Classic Ron Royce!

Only On


A welcome variation on the adage "No good deed goes unpunished", we’d like to invite all classic MH fans to punish – no, abuse yourselves – to your heart’s content at the return of the magnificent Ron Royce’s classic video clips and images to! One of their first great models, they’ve reached into the MH vault and faithfully restored all of handsome Ron’s scenes, available again online for the first time in years. This classic update includes all four of hunky Ron’s explicit scenes, plus his sensual dance performances and showers, wrapping with his unforgettable coat and tie businessman’s jo!




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Mark Dyckey Sexy Jock With Bouncing Boner!

February 22nd, 2013

Mark Dyckey Sexy Jock With Bouncing Boner!

A ManAvenue Exclusive!


 If you like watching lean, naked muscle guys showing off their rock hard dicks before jacking off then you're in luck.Mark Dyckey has a rather large cock and seems to enjoy teasing us.

He soon gets up and walks right across the room with a bouncing boner. FUCK! What a sight. I love watching a guy walk with a raging hardon and not touch it. Don't know why, but it's so fucking hot.

He props his leg up on the table to give us an under view of his stroke technique. We get close enough to hear his low hanging balls slap against his ass crack while he's jerking his meat. As his breath gets really heavy, he stands upright and let's his cock jerk itself off…allowing the jizz to blow all over a chair and the floor. He keeps tightening his sphincter, making his cock spew and drip all the cum it can manage without his touching it.

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Norman Cox Powerful Young MuscleBoy Next Door!

February 21st, 2013


 Norman Cox Powerful Young MuscleBoy Next Door!!

A MuscleHunks Exclusive! 


If there’s anything we love here at it’s presenting new faces (and staggering new physiques) to our discerning members. Meet , the apotheosis of the Muscle Boy Next DoorNorman Cox a powerful young bull ripe for your delectation. Just 22 years old, Norman’s angelic baby face is in startling contrast to his broad traps, massive bulldozer body, bulging biceps, perfect skin, hard man-glutes and bad-boy pec tats. And for those who think young, this MBND is sporting a fiercely large firehouse ready to shoot on any 4-alarm blaze. Calling All Cars, ’cause new exclusive MH Muscleboy Norman is raring to conquer – you!



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Mister Landon Conrad All Suited Up MENATPLAY!

February 3rd, 2013


Mister Landon Conrad All Suited Up!



After seeing U.S. chiseled stud Landon Conrad getting his brains fucked out in 'Inside Job' by Issac Jones, this week we get to see how this slick suited top executive enjoys his leisure time with a private one to one session with him in the locker rooms before a game of golf.  Landon’s body is so masculine and fit that even as he plays with his layers of clothing you always have a sense of the hard body that lays beneath. Landon strips right down for us showing off his body, ass and cock and finally releasing his load over his tight abs.
Landon is the whole package – masculine suited executive type with the assets to back it up 


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