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Jay Mercer Fucks Danny Montero | CockyBoys!

September 26th, 2018|

Jay Mercer Fucks Danny Montero!

Missed Connections!


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Blonde Jock Zac DeHaan Fucks Brian Jovovich | Belami!

September 26th, 2018|

Blond Jock Zac DeHaan Fucks Brian Jovovich!


Today we have a treat for all you jock lovers. Zac DeHaan and Brian Jovovich. There is not a lot of talking going on here as the boys don't share a common language, but their appreciation for each other is certainly shown in many other ways. Luke is the camerman this time and he has given us a nice, and interesting opening, with a lot of interesting shots and close ups. Overall a great scene and especially if you like the bigger guys.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Jason Fucks Horse Hung Btm Jeffrey | Badpuppy!

September 26th, 2018|

Jason Fucks Horse Hung Btm Jeffry!

We catch Jeffrey Lloyd lying on the sofa with Jason on top of him; the pair deeply entwined in kissing and groping each other hunky, tight bodies. Jason helps Jeffrey out of his jeans to find that Jeffrey has on no underwear; but, his cock is definitely ready and standing at attention. Jason wastes no time sucking up every inch of Jeffrey’s thick, long man-meat. Jeffrey sits up and as Jason takes off his shirt, Jeffrey rips off Jason’s pants and swallows the entire length of his cock. Jason continues beating his thick dick while he chokes and gags on Jeffrey’s hugeness. Jeffrey motions for Jason to sit down on the sofa and then Jeffrey slides right down onto Jason’s thick dick. Thrusting with his legs, Jeffrey rides Jason’s cock, his own dick bouncing with the rhythm, getting even thicker and harder the deeper Jason’s cock goes in his ass.

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Calvin Banks & Mikey Jr The Ten Spot Pt 1 | NakedSword!

September 26th, 2018|

JD Phoenix Deep Fucked By Rocco Steele 

NakedSword Originals is back with a new banger called The Ten Spot! The whole series is centered around a little apartment in the Castro where hook ups are cheap and voyeurs are welcome! The first episode features Calvin Banks and Mikey Jr who are horny as hell and drop their $10 for a place to fuck. Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox is more than willing to take their cash and then take in the action from a peep hole in the next room. Grab you series banners and gifs for The Ten Spot HERE! Video banner codes available upon request!

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Hot Hairy Totally HUNG BearBF Videos New Site!

September 26th, 2018|

Hot, Hairy And Totally HUNG New Site Alert!

BearBF Videos.com!


 They're hot, hairy, and totally hung! Watch all these manly hotties here at BearBFVidoes.Com, where you'll find hundreds of good-looking bears in solo and hardcore action. All you'll see here is 100% real content sent in from private collections and hacked user accounts. And you'll be surprised at how kinky some of these hunks can get! So come on in — JOIN NOW and watch these horny cumstuds jizz off for an extremely hot viewing experience!


 Check It Out 


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Mark Long Laundry Room Hookup | NextDoorStudios!

September 24th, 2018|

The Laundry Room Hookup

Mark Long & Jake Karhoff


Mark Long is quite a horny young man.  So horny, in fact, he's jerked off in semi-public places more than a few times.  He's never been caught, but there've been a few close calls.  Today, as Mark waits in the community laundry room for a load of laundry to work through a cycle, he gets that feeling where he's just get off! Jake Karhoff is a fellow condo resident and is having a nice, lazy laundry day.  But when he discovers that the door to the laundry room has been locked, he must find Pete, the building manager, to unlock the door.  When Jake enters the room to find Mark, mid stroke, Jake stays cool and doesn't act too excited.  Mark, on the other hand is extremely embarrassed.  He pulls up his pants and turns beat red.  Jakes certainly likes the look of Mark's enormous cock.  And in this particular situation, he can pretty well guess that Mark might be game for some fooling around, seeing as he must be very horny.  When Jake suggests they hookup, Mark doesn't hesitate accept his advances.


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Mika A Solo Feature | Chaosmen!

September 22nd, 2018|

Mika A Solo Feature


Mika is  WOW! He was a lot more buff than his pics. With Mika saying he was down for a solo, an oral, and possibly more, Bryan wanted to get him in as fast as possible. A couple days later and he was in the studio.  Mika is a smart and sexy dude. Passionate about working-out and staying fit, but also friendly and most importantly, horny! He has a 7" cock, with one of the fattest heads ever. Now that is a knob! His foreskin barely slides over it when he is fully hard. He seems curious about guys, willing to top, and admitted that ass play feels good when he jerks-off, so has not even excluding bottoming. But for now, slow and steady and we will see how he does getting Serviced!

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Max Pounds Devin Raw | CorbinFisher!

September 21st, 2018|

Easy boys! Max and Devon were getting so into tossing each other around on the bed that we thought they were going to break something before they even got their clothes off! Devon goes down on Max like he’s starving for cock, before Max gives him the best rimjob he’s ever had! Devon’s big, muscular ass and Max’s huge, hard cock are a perfect fit, and neither of them can seem to get enough after Max first slides into Devon!

Max uses Devon’s own big cock as a handle while he plows him silly, pounding his hot ass for all its worth, and you can tell that Devon’s definitely on the edge from having Max so deep inside him. Max really brings his A-game to tackle Devon’s legendary ass, and he doesn’t stop fucking him until they both blast sticky, hot loads all over Devon’s big muscles!

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Manuel Skye, Jeffrey Lloyd, Drake Rogers Daddy Fucking | Lucas!

September 21st, 2018|

Jeffrey Lloyd, Manuel Skye & Sean Xavier

Sunset Sex

100% Raw!

Manuel Skye, an alpha-daddy extraordinaire, shows his boys Sean Xavier and Jeffrey Lloyd what it means to please a man. Sean uses his backside to the fullest in this encounter: Manuel oversees as Jeffrey fucks Sean up the ass. Once Sean is good and opened up, Manuel moves on in and fucks him raw!

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Brian Michaels, Dalton Briggs, Xavier Ryan | Men.com!

September 20th, 2018|

Brian Michaels, Dalton Briggs & Xavier Ryan


Roommates Dalton Briggs and Xavier Ryan head over to the club for a good time, but the doorman, tattooed Brian Michaels, won’t let Xavier in. Little does he know, sexy Southern Dalton later brings Brian home for a sexy after party. Xavier walks in on them and he’s shocked to see Brian, but Dalton is more than happy to share with his cute, eager roomie. Xavier had no idea what he was getting himself into when he decided to join them for a threesome! Both Dalton and Brian are packing huge, monster cocks and both men are ready to double penetrate Xavier’s tight hole until they both cum all over his face.        

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