Max Leider Tall Hung German New At BentleyRace!

October 23rd, 2017

Max Leider

Tall Monster Hung German Hottie!

At BentlyRace


As you can see Zak kept myself busy while visiting Berlin. One of the guys he met really stood out. A young German Max Leider.  Max was really nervous when he can to Zak’s hotel. He knew right away that they were going to hit it off and have a fun shoot. After he explained the shoot Max had no problem stripping. It was when he stood above him that he realised how dam tall his was, around 6’4″or 5.  And it turns out that he’s also big in the pants! Zak could see that monster cock pushing inside his jocks waiting to be released. It’s one of the thickest uncut cocks Zak had the pleasure of seeing, and later sucking on. Max Leider is a sweet guy. We hope to see more of him!




Emir Boscatto, Sergyo Caruso Hung Country | RagingStallion!

October 21st, 2017

Emir Boscatto & Sergyo Caruso

Hung Country!

Big, beefy Emir Boscatto brings Sergyo Caruso down to the basement for some dirty action. The basement looks like a medieval dungeon, with stone walls and a metal gate, and Emir is the master of this dungeon. Sergyo falls to his knees and services Emir's gigantic cock. The intimidating top selfishly facefucks Sergyo, whose lean, ripped body flexes and writhes. Bending Sergyo over a crate, Emir dives in to eat Sergyo's tight ass. With Sergyo's hole lubed and ready, Emir slides in with his huge cock. He picks up speed, railing Sergyo's ass with intense, deep pounding. Climbing up on the crate, Emir sits down and invites Sergyo to sit on his dick. The willing power bottom eagerly climbs up and lowers himself down on Emir's throbbing tool. As Sergyo's cock swings through the air like helicopter blades, Emir thrusts up from below. Emir enters the home stretch, ramping up his fucking to a blistering pace.



Dom Ully Drills Down On Ricky | Bromo!

October 16th, 2017

Dom Ully Drills Down On Ricky

Chancing On Cock!


Ricky is methodical in his hunt for fresh man meat.  Dom Ully gives a good chase, but nothing can stop Ricky from tracking down this delicious prey and devouring him right there in the forest. Check out this heart pounding pursuit culminating in a display of raw sexuality.


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Fabrizio Stunning Bi Sexual Italian Jock At LucasKazan!

October 16th, 2017

Fabrizio Stunning Bi Sexual Italian Jock!

A LucasKazan Exclusive


When asked on-camera about his first time, Fabrizio hesitates. "I bet it was with a boy, wasn't it?", presses director Ettore Tosi. Fabrizio laughs and readily admits to it : "OK, you got me there!" At last a stunning bi-sexual jock, who gets laid with his girlfriend every day, but also plays with his ass –what beautiful ass that is–. And loves getting fucked. Strong thighs, a muscular, compact body and a shy, sexy smile, Fabrizio is a Sicilian newcomer you'll want to keep an eye on.


Nils Tatum Sneak Preview | Belami!

October 13th, 2017

Nils Tatum Sneak Preview!


While most Belami members preferred less athletic (jock type) blonds Nils Tatum is so worth the risk!  George hesitated to release Nils' interview before his full shoot pictures, but he wanted to get members opinion of him in all his blond athletic glory. So far the verdict is an astounding YES!!!  Stay tuned for more!  Enjoy!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Roman Todd & Michael Del Rey | NextDoorBuddies!

October 5th, 2017

Roman Todd & Michael Del Rey

By special request, these two studs have been paired up for a little flip fuck sesh. Michael Del Ray is well known for his monster cock, and Roman Todd is unmistakable for his statuesque physique. The two of them seem eager to get it on. Michael quickly goes down on his counter-part, deep throating Roman as he jacks himself off. Roman returns the favor, begging Michael to fuck him hard. Michael tells him he wants to eat his ass first, and Roman obliges him, bending over as Michael plunges his tongue deep into Roman's hole before slipping his cock inside. He pounds Roman with his giant dick, then when he's had his fill, they switch places and he mounts Roman's rod, riding him reverse as Roman smacks his ass. They switch one more time and Michael finishes off with a hard and thorough missionary fuck as Roman strokes his load all over himself.



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