Samuel O’ Toole’s Fat Cock At NextDoorMale

March 22nd, 2015

Samuel O' Toole's Fat Cock


You all couldn't get enough of Samuel O'Toole's fat cock, so we gave in to your requests and brought the dark hair hung stud back for some more action, here at NextDoorMale.

Samuel walks into the scene with nothing more on than his shoes, his shirt and a jock strap and it only gets better when he pulls out his friend the FleshLight and uses it to stimulate his hard cock until it explodes all over the place.  Enjoy! 

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Cain Returns To Top Lucas At CorbinFisher!

February 13th, 2015

Cain Returns To Top Lucas

At CorbinFisher!


It's always special when we showcaseLucas. He's been one of CF's stars for a long time and his business keeps him “semi-retired” from us.

HEIGHT 5' 8" WEIGHT 166 lbs HAIR Brown 
BUILD Muscular COCK 7.5" Uncut SHOE 9

HEIGHT 5' 8" WEIGHT 150 lbs HAIR Blonde
BUILD Muscular COCK 7" Cut SHOE 10.5

 The obvious question comes up. When asked if  Lucas made a better pitcher or catcher, Cain slyly smiles and says, “He catches pretty good.” The chemistry between these two promises to make this shoot something extra  special. Added to that, it's been at least eight months since Lucas has “caught” for another CF stud. The enthusiastic and dominant Cain is perfectly suited to get him back in the swing of things. And in a boyish moment of hero worship, Cain admits how excited he is that he gets to “fuck one of the legends.”

And it is a legendary fuck! Cain brings an intense focus to every guy he's with, but even he was surprised how turned on he got by Lucas. Right from the start, the buff stud couldn't keep his hands and lips off Lucas. And Lucas was just as hungry for Cain's body.

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Bigger Than Ever Benny Ryder At MuscleHunks!

February 3rd, 2015




Stunning Muscle Hunk Benny Ryder


Benny Ryder is here! We'd like you to meet one of the most adorable muscle men we've had the pleasure of encountering in a long time. But just because he's sweet, doesn't mean he won't throw down with the best of them. Benny takes on, not 1, not 2 but 3 muscle men! He starts out with new cummer Dante Putkov. Then, Benny takes on tough customer Tito Ortiz, followed by veteran fan favorite Yummi Cosmin! And neither Tito nor Yummi are going to go easy on Benny. Does Benny have what it takes to last? Find out for yourself in 14 HD Video Clips! Benny has a Big smile and a big set of cock and balls ! 


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Jamie, Calvin And Oscar Double Fuck

November 15th, 2014

Jamie, Calvin & Oscar

SeanCody Double Fuck


Jamie got fucked hard, and with cocks in both ends, he was really loving it!  Wow – this film was quite an adventure! It had been a while since we'd seen Jamie, but when he returned it seemed as though he was literally STARVED for cock! I know that Jamie likes 'em big, and both Calvin and Oscar deliver in that department. All three of them are a lot of fun, and the sexual chemistry ignited right from the beginning.

Jamie couldn't wait to get a big dick in his mouth, and neither could Calvin. The guys jumped right in and all bets were off… ass eating, two mouths on one dick, you name it! The best part, though, came when Jamie decided he wanted a dick in his ass too. Jamie got fucked hard, and with cocks in both ends, he was really loving it. Calvin and Oscar took turns passing him around and they just fucked the shit out of him…

Of course, Calvin is versatile and he didn't want to miss out on the fun too. So Jamie switched from bottom to top and he and Oscar stuffed Calvin's ass with two cocks!

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Hot Big Dicked Daddy Dennis At SeanCody !

July 29th, 2014


Hot Young Big Dicked Dennis





Hot daddy! OK, so Dennis is only 30, and that's a little young to be considered a "daddy." But he's just so nice and sweet and calm, and he has a very "wise" way about him. We liked him the minute we met him. He just has one of those personalities. Dennis currently lives in the midwest and has been there for about ten years. But he was born and raised in the south. He's lost his accent, but his roots are very apparent. Sean took him out to dinner the evening he arrived. They went to a seafood restaurant and he ordered Texas red fish with fried green tomatoes, creamed corn, and rock shrimp! His career path has led him down some interesting roads: "When I got out of high school I went into the Air Force," he said. "I did exercise physiology." After that he did a stint as an accountant at his father's (high-end) motorcycle dealership, and then he found his true love: being a motorcycle mechanic.   He seemed very open-minded to me, and had an interesting comment when I asked him about:  "I am Ronald Reagan conservative from the neck up," he said, laughing. "From the neck down, well, that's another story."He says he's straight, but likes to try new things. Awesome! He told us he's watched gay porn and actually enjoyed it, especially when it was in the company of his girlfriend."It gave her ideas," he said.

One of those ideas: an 8-inch strap-on which she used to fuck him."It hurt at first," he said. "But then it felt really good!"


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Big Buff Todd Tops Brent At CorbinFisher!

June 20th, 2014

Todd & Brent At

Big, buff Todd made quite a splash when he first appeared on CF! He's quite a stud – incredibly tall, and insanely muscular. He has, as you can imagine, a tremendous presence when he's in a room. Likewise, that presence carries over on screen as we've been getting loads of e-mails asking about when he'll make an appearance again and whether he'll appear in action with another guy!

Well, the answer to both of those questions is right here! Not only is Todd back, but he's also getting in to some hardcore action withCF-fave Brent! What's more, Todd is getting fucked! As we're jumping into a brand new year, we might as well have one of CF's new studs jumping right in to the action and getting fucked for the very first time!  

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Vincent, Hung And Handsome At Fratmen!

April 28th, 2014

Vincent, Handsome, Hung, Hunk



Fratmen hunk Vincent is gorgeous from head to toe. Deep, super sexy blue eyes are the first things that stand out on this man, but it isn’t long before you find yourself soaking in the epitome of fratboy college jock masculinity. A wonderfully chiseled body jumps right out at you, starting with a chest that just won’t quit. Vincent isn’t a huge man, but the muscle he’s built up is sinewy and absolutely delicious indeed. Laid back, relaxed and more than confident to show us all that he’s got, Vincent is a dream cum true and that is the bottom line!

It’s one thing to possess a body that just reeks of masculine sexuality, but Vincent is also packing a thick, rock hard dick that begs for a servicing. It stands right out, throbbing with the anticipation of being stroked off. Turning around on the bed as he humps it, Vincent presents a pair of buttocks that could be two globes of granite – carved out into perfect symmetry. Dry, Vincent is a sight to behold, but stepping into the shower underneath the caressing water, he becomes a God meant to be worshiped.

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Dimitry And Drake At All New FratmenTV

April 14th, 2014

Dmitry & Drake in Bottoms Up

At All New Fratmen.TV



Dimitry, Lean, Proud Ukranian


 What you’ll notice about new Fratmen college jock Dmitry first depends on what part of his body you get to see. If it’s a face pic, his huge, disarming smile jumps right out at you immediately. Then there are those sexy eyes. If you catch a mid-section shot of Dmitry, an incredible set of abs grab you and won’t let you go. If the image is anything below the waist, Dmitry’s big, fat cock are sure to finalize the fact that this boy is short of Fratmen perfection.

If you like your men lean, but blessed with the proverbial washboard stomach, Dmitry will certainly be your cup of tea. The proud son of Ukranian immigrant parents, Dmitry was born in America and considers himself a major science geek. It’s taken Dmitry just about a year now where he has his physique where he wants it and, after shedding his nerdy glasses for contacts, has suddenly become quite popular with the ladies. That really is no wonder.

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David Jones Hairy Chested Young Hunk

February 22nd, 2014


David Jones Hairy Chested Young Hunk


David is a hottie, in every sense of the word! This hairy chested, pretty boy is hot enough to make me jump across the pond for! He even looks fantastic wet! Watching him jerk off and play with his ass you can almost smell the sex coming off of him. Enjoy!

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Andrey Komar Uber Euro Hunk Is Back!

January 7th, 2014

Andrey Komar Uber Hot Euro Hunk

At MarkWolff!

 Mark just got back from another 3 week tour of Eastern Europe in search of fresh new muscle model discoveries for his loyal members. Budapest has been very good to Mark over the past few years. Plenty of young, hung and muscular models all over that city. First up is Andrey a  former gymnast with huge muscular legs and a big beefy ass that your gonna love! We serve up some beautiful artistic nudes to go along with more erotic and hard-on shots. 140 high-res photos added to our massive members area. Enjoy! 

If you love smooth, Euro hunks Andry will get you up!

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