Forever Lukas Kris Evans Tops Jack Harrer Raw!!

October 27th, 2013

  Forever Lukas Star

Kris Evans Tops Jack Harrer Raw!

 A Exclusive 


Back on the set, Lukas is nervously preparing to film the opening scene with Jack Harrer and Kris Evans. This scene features BelAmi star Kris Evans appearing in his first condom free scene ever as he tops another BelAmi fan favorite, Jack Harrer. As always Kris Evans provides an explosive cum gushing finale that Jack Harrer handles like a champ! Nobody Does It Like BelAmi!

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Tomas Brand Swedish Handsome Thick MENATPLAY!

October 22nd, 2013

Tomas Brand Swedish Handsome Thick!


Hot Property of Sweden, Tomas brand, returns to Menatplay this week showing of that stunning powerful body of his. Stripping out of his sports jacket shirt and tie, Tomas shows us how he enjoys a good stroke on his huge thick dick in the mensroom. Watching himself in the mirror Tomas gets rock hard and with the camera man down on his knees shooting up Tomas flaunts his heavy monster cock in front of your face. Lets be honest , if you look this good of course you're going to get hard in front of the bathroom mirror.

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Dennis Martin In The Interview At PowerMen

October 12th, 2013


Dennis Martin In 'The Interview'

In these tough times, some men will do anything to make a buck! Dennis Martin is no different. Dennis shows up to interview for, only to realize that his CV alone may not get him the job. It's time for him to strip, flex and pose to show off his real best assets! features dozens of real musclemen from all over the world in hot adult solo video clips. A true muscle connoisseur’s delight, inside you will find hundreds of video clips and image galleries of hot, hard, gay and straight competitive bodybuilders, musclemen, and rock-hard athletes, all photographed in beautiful exotic locations! These musclemen are practiced in the fantasy performance art of hard muscle flexing, posing and masturbation – and just the way you want to see it! Video clips available in both Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats, with extended-play versions for broadbanders!



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Adam And Wagner Double Team Diego Lauzen!

October 10th, 2013

Adam Killian And Wagner Vittoria

Double Penetrate Diego Lauzen!


In order to conquer jealously and strengthen their relationship, Wagner Vittoria and Diego Lauzen hail Adam Killian for him to join them in a threesome on the rocks and shallow waters of a Costa Rican oasis. The guys make out and take turns sucking cock; their muscled bodies compete against one another to determine just who the hottest really is! It is especially hot to see Diego and Wagner have sex with each other: Diego swallows Wagner’s entire erect cock while Adam goes to town on Diego’s hole! While Diego is worshipping Wagner’s cock Adam pounds him hard from behind. Wagner then gets on his back so Adam can pound him while he sucks his boyfriend’s cock. But Wagner wants to see Diego go even further, so Adam and Wagner double-penetrate Diego’s meaty ass! The question is this: can he handle it?

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An American In Prague Kevin Warhol Gino Mosca!

October 8th, 2013

 American In Paris!

Kevin Warhol & Gina Mosca

 A Exclusive 


Today we launch the 3D remake of An American In Prague in grand style. In Scene 1 It's the day that Mick Lovell is supposed to be arriving from the US. Young Kevin Warhol seems to have forgotten about Micks imminent appearance, and instead is being entertained by Gino Mosca. For a innocent looking young guy, Gino is pretty sure about what he wants Kevin to do to him. Once again follow the story of An American In Prague exclusively at!

   You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Boris Is In The House On MuscleHunks!

October 6th, 2013

 Boris Is In The House!


MuscleHunks' third episode featuring the enormous muscles of bodybuilding junior championBoris Makov finds the young Russian superhero alone just with himself and a mountain of muscles and testosterone. There is no greater fantasy to have this 22 year old muscle monster at your service for any possible pleasure. Watch as handsome Boris reveals all his talents – from his rock-like biceps and chiseled pecs, his enormous thighs, to the huge bulge in his posing trunks. MuscleHunks' fans should cancel all plans, once again, Boris is in the house.



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Ripped Jock Smith Silva Debuts On Lucas Kazan!

October 3rd, 2013

Ripped Jock Smith Silva Debuts!


If you have a thing for ripped jocks –and who doesn't?–, for six pack abs and beer-can dicks, Smith is your man. Handsome and built like a brick, this 24 year old Carioca may be a little camera-shy. Not so his fat uncut cock, hard from start to finish. Did we mention his furry legs and his sexy pubic hair? Amongst so many straight guys shaving/waxing/plucking, Smith isn't afraid of being himself… We love him all the more for it!

The Tour

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Hole End Theory Next Door Buddies!

October 2nd, 2013

 Hole End Theory!

Aoyce And Trey Turner 

 A NextDoorBuddy Exclusive 


Johnny Torque is minding his business in the bathroom stall, contemplating what to do with his afternoon. Slate Steele is no stranger to the routine, and he spies through the glory hole to see if the stall is occupied. Seeing Johnny's cock getting hard through the hole, Slate drops to his knees to get a better look. Johnny can feel Slate watching him, and the thought of a stranger eyeing him turns Johnny on, so as his cock grows in his hand,  standing up he shoves his cock through the hole where Slate is waiting with his mouth wide open.  Johnny comes out of the stall and they meet face to face. Not at all displeased to meet this new stranger, Johnny drops to his knees and returns the favor as Slate leans back against the stall.  Johnny bends him up against the stall and enters from behind, as Slate closes his eyes and eases it in. Johnny grabs Slate by his shoulders and begins to pound relentlessly as his balls slap up against Slate, and he soon pushes Slate onto the ground, continuing to thrust and pump as Slate strokes his load all over the floor, before Johnny pulls out and blasts him with a load of his own

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