Two Big Stars Collide Zeb Atlas Tops Mitch Vaughn!

September 28th, 2012

Super Stud John Magnum Tops Lucas Knowles 

At Cocksuremen


The gun show is about to begin! One of the biggest porn stars, Mitch Vaughn hooks up with literally one the BIGGEST stars, Zeb Atlas. Zeb is as gargantuan as ever. He loves to flex and pose for Mitch, and for us. Mitch has plenty of muscles to choose from, but he immediately goes for the one hanging between Zeb's thunderous thighs.  Zeb lays back on the couch and Mitch Vaughn briefly admires his physique before getting back to swallowing Zeb Atlas' huge tool. Mitch has quite the appetite and has Zeb bend over to get a clear shot at his tasty hole. Mitch tongues Zeb's ass deep, leaving his own hole thirsting for attention. As Zeb pounds his hole, Mitch Vaughn unleashes one of his huge signature cumshots all over his ripped bod. Zeb Atlas adds to the mess, covering Mitch in white, gooey cum.


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Massively Hung Stud Brad Star And Alex Garrett!

September 26th, 2012

Welcome Back Massively Hung Brad Star

Welcome Back Brad Star. To help welcome Brad is tall, dark and Colombian “estrellita”, Alexander Garrett. Brad asks Alexander if he’s ever been with anyone that wanted to fuck him and had a bigger cock than him.. “Well, today’s your lucky day” Brad grins as he pounces on Alexander. They strip their clothes off as their hands explore each others cocks. Alexander’s thick uncut cock is huge but no match for Brad’s 9”+ boner. Yeah, today is definitely his lucky day as Brad goes down on his thick cock.  From here they maneuver into a hot 69 so that they’re both getting as much cock as they want. “I think it’s about time I fuck that ass” announces Brad as gets Alexander on all four and spreads that hot ass.  Brad then flips Alex over on his back lifts those muscular legs and gets right back to fucking that tight ass. Alexander grunts and moans as he does his best to take that cock stretching him wide open. Brad’s definitely met his match and as they switch positions he gets served. Alexander sits on his cock and starts to bounce on that cock like a spring board as Brad’s eyes light up in awe.

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Tear Up That Prostate Out In Public

September 18th, 2012

Tear Up That Prostate


On this weeks Out In Public update the guys are out in the mean streets of Miami with Ari  and this guy is just chipper as hell and horny as well and its our job to get this guy some ass and of course he wants some hot male ass right… we hit up the streets and he comes across this dude (Rick)and right away he was drawn to him and Rick just happens to be on his break to so we cease the opportunity and ask him straight up and this kid was down and was actually kind of excited and liked our guy Ari as well..the two got it on and they both loved it.

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Personal Trainer Rogan Richards Tops Bruno Knight!

September 16th, 2012

Rogan Richards And Bruno Knight!



A pulled hamstring is the perfect opportunity for Personal Trainer Bruno to finally put his hands where the rest of us could only dream of going. His client Rogan isnt an easy nut to crack at first but Bruno works his magic massaging up Rogans chunky thighs into his beautiful bubble butt. With Rogans dick growing in his pants he finally has to concede that Brunos wandering hands have fired him up and Bruno continues with his very personal attention sucking on Rogans veiny cock and turning him over for an amazing rimming session on that muscular firm backside. Rogan finally turns the tables on Bruno and takes control of Bruno now fucking him so hard he has to bite in to the sofa. Seems they both got a really good work out in the end.

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Luciano Damato Truck Driving Muscle Hunk!

September 15th, 2012

Luciano Damato The Truck Driver



Sneak Preview

Luciano Damato looks like one of those hunky young dudes who drives cross country in one of those huge 10-ton rigs – the kind of guy you hope to meet in an abandoned rest stop in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere. Hulking, dark, sullen, dangerous, with an attitude, here’s a beefy man who plays dangerous power games behind his wife’s back. You know what he wants you to do for him. Get down on your knees before this union man and service his rig, and do it now, boy!


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Delicious Diego Hot Spaniard Huge And Uncut!

September 6th, 2012

Delicious Diego Hot Spaniard Huge & Uncut! 

Hot Solo Feature!



 Diego is from Madrid. He is one of the many treasures Madrid has to offer. Diego has abs carved in stone, a deliciously firm bubble butt and a beautiful HUGE uncut cock.  This hot Spaniard is no less awesome –and certainly yummier– than the paintings at the Museo del Prado! Shall we see more of Diego? You bet we will! Doing more than flexing his muscles and stroking his dick? Let’s just say the guys are working on it.  Hurry back Diego!


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Heat Stroke Sergio Serrano And Jake Genesis!

September 3rd, 2012

Heat Stroke Sergio Serrano And Jake Genesis!



After work, Menatplay stud Jake Genesis decides to take his dog for a walk in the countryside, but soon the mischievous mutt has run off, leaving Jake to frantically search for him under the searing Spanish sun. In his smart shirt and tie, Jake starts to feel the heat, but luckily he stumbles upon sexy Latino park ranger Sergi Serrano who offers to help him cool off. Menatplay newcomer Sergi pours water all over Jake until he’s completely soaked through… and totally turned on. Jake returns the favour by sucking the park ranger’s meaty cock and before long the two hunks are eating ass and fucking in some seriously sizzling al fresco action.


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