Tasty Spencer Fox Plows Calvin Koons FalconStudios!

June 30th, 2012

Tasty Spencer Fox Fucks Calvin Koons

Falcon Studios


Tasty, muscled Spencer Fox and handsome Calvin Coons are making out on the sofa in their loft. Spencer’s huge cock pops out of his underwear and Calvin can’t get out of his clothes fast enough. Spencer slurps on Calvin’s cock right away. Calvin gets right on Spencer’s massive boner. Spencer spreads his legs wide open inviting Calvin to take turns between rimming him and sucking him. Deepthroating Spencer, Calvin bends over and offers up his tight, sweet hole for Spencer to eat, finger and fuck. Hot scene enjoy!

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Fratman Laird Buff Hung College Wrestler!

June 30th, 2012

Fratman Laird Buff Hung College Wrestler!

A Fratmen.TV Exclusive


Fratmen Laird is an extremely buff college wrestler with an huge cock. That dick has got to be about 9 inches long! Laird enjoys some time on the beach sunning and showing his hot muscular body. After that, he retires to a more intimate setting where he gets completely naked and jerks his huge dick. Laird's cumshot is just as impressive. You have to see this! 


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Jack Harrer And Roger Lambert Massive Hung Hotties!

June 26th, 2012

Jack Harrer And Roger Lambert Massive Hung Hotties!

Condom Free

At BelamiOnline.com

Sizzling Hot! 

It was only a matter of time before Belami paired their 2  stars with the biggest dicks, Jack Harrer & Roger Lambert. The 2 are a great fit for one another physically and wield a gorgeous pair giant uncut cocks! The boys playfully check out each others big cocks and try their best to deep throat one another. Jack wins the size contest and tops the sweet bubble ass of Roger condom free. Don't miss a moment of the giant uncut cock action today at BelAmiOnline.com!


 You won’t believe who’s cumming!


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Kurt Beckmann Corn-Fed German Beef

June 24th, 2012

Kurt Beckmann Corn Fed German Beef


An accomplished gymnast from an early age,Muscle Hunk Kurt Beckmann can literally do deep splits and handsprings. As he’s landing, catch the Thor tattoo that coves his back. The thunderbolts perfectly follow the counters of his V-shaped muscle frame, ending in two smooth mounds of ass muscle. It’s unusual to see someone as big as he is so limber, but he can put himself into all kinds of positions. He can even put his legs behind his head. Now just imagine one on one with Kurt naked and live!

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Prepare To Meet Max Steel Chiseled Solo At NDM!

June 23rd, 2012


Prepare To Meet Max Steel Chiseled Solo!


Filmed In HD!

Prepare your senses for a flesh treat you won’t ever forget. But understand that Max Steel may haunt even your dreams. When his gaze falls upon you, you’ll feel a deep stirring. It will tingle in your extremities and send a rush through your entire body. And you’ll surely feel it in your pants as your cock hardens, just as his does. Join Max as he enjoys his fat, erect dick and chiseled physique. Max knows you’re there. He knows you’re liking the way he moves. He can feel the same connection you’re feeling. Let Max permeate your awareness as your senses elevate. Watch Max jerk his hard man pole while you both work up to a mutual explosion.  Enjoy!


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Retrospective Porn Star David Taylor At JakeCruise

June 23rd, 2012

David Taylor’s Solo At JakeCruise.com

For those of you who love porn star David Taylor, you will love this look back at David as he was just getting started.  David was the very model of the modern Southern California guy. Born and raised there, he’s tall and athletic and much bigger (muscular) now, he loves to surf, he’s got some great tattoos and he has a great sense of humor. Oh yeah, and David is drop dead gorgeous with a thick 7-1/2 inches he loves to show off. When he looks into the camera he’s looking directly at you. And when he shoots his big load…well, that’s for you, too.

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John Magnum And Ayden Marx Two Horny Bulls!

June 22nd, 2012


John Magnum And Ayden Marx Two Horny Bulls!


John Magnum and Ayden Marx come at each other like horny bulls. Two very intense, high energy bulls! After passionately kissing, Ayden rips off John's clothes and starts sucking his huge cock. John holds Ayden's head and pounds his face hard. Ayden gets his share of pumping John's face, then it's time for lunch. Ayden eagerly licks, spits at, and rims John's puckering hole. Ayden hot dogs his bare cock between John's cheeks while John begs for his rod. Soon Ayden is fiercely thrusting deep into John's hole. Both bulls are very vocal as they fuck in all sorts of positions. John shoots his load onto his belly and Ayden soon follows. Ayden licks the cum up and snowballs with John before sucking and kissing John some more. What a workout!

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As Close As It Gets With Kris Evans At BelamiOnline!

June 15th, 2012

 Kris Evans As Close As It Gets



You've seen a few of this pictures on banners for Belamionline over the past couple of months, and this week we are happy to be able to show you the whole set. Kris has come a long way from when he first started with Belami, toned up, got a new haircut and become much more comfortable getting his kit off in front of the camera. No matter which way you look at it, Kris is becoming one of the hottest guys on the web at the moment and we can't wait to be able to show you more of him.  Stay tuned for more Kris!

Few studs draw as much attention as BelAmi superstar Kris Evans, he simply has it all. It's always a pleasure to feature Kris as our Pin-Up stud for the week because the fans simply cannot get enough. Big muscle body, amazing smile, and big thick uncut cock are just a few of his amazing features. See Kris exclusively from BelAmiOnline – hot boys, big cocks and daily content updates!  

You won’t believe who’s cumming!

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Play Time With Pepe Mendoza At MuscleHunks!

June 15th, 2012


 Play Time With Pepe Mendoza

A MuscleHunks Exclusive!  

Nothing Like Pepe on Those Free Tube Sites!

Popular exclusive MH.com muscle star Pepe Mendoza breezily takes us through another cocksure demonstration of his powerful, specialized brand of muscle play in his latest scene. Pepe pumps up in a lovely private garden, then slips inside his luxury suite to a private upstairs bedroom where he gives us a slow, languorous, up-front and personal, slow motion.




Randy Wolff BodyBuilding Champion At PowerMen

June 13th, 2012


Randy Wolff BodyBuilding Champion

At PowerMen.com



It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Randy Wolff

Teenage Bodybuilding Champion Randy Wolff is a class on his own. Originally from a small Spanish village near Valencia, Randy works now as a life guard on the beaches of Ibiza during the day time and a gogo dancer at night. Popular among women and gay men alike, Randy is no stranger to all kinds of flesh. The locals call him "Cachondo", while the German tourists call him "Geil". Randy is just 19 years of age and still has a baby face, but this boy is a true natural. He loves to perform and he makes you feel you just can’t get enough of him.

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