Diego Summers Pounds Sergyo’s Ass Raw | Lucas!

June 27th, 2017

Diego Summers Pounds Sergyo's Ass

100% Raw!

If there’s one thing Diego Summers is good at its throwing around a bottom. He loves taking charge and hammering away at a guy’s ready-and-willing hole, and that’s what Sergyo has to offer. When Diego gets into his groove he’s rough and unforgiving, so I hope Sergyo is ready and his ass can remain relaxed. Because Diego is big and uncut in the pants, and he knows what he’s doing with his dick.



Dakota Young, Mike Stone Teacher’s Secret | NextDoorStudios!

June 9th, 2017

Dakota Young & Mike Stone

Teacher's Secret


Dakota Young has found his way into a funk, and his teacher Mike Stone has noticed. Mr. Stone has offered to help his student with some one on one tutoring, but despite the extra attention, Dakota confesses that he just can't seem to focus. He tells Mr. Stone that he's too distracted by that, looking down at the bulge in Mr. Stone's slacks. Mr. Stone is surprised, but his pants don't lie, he's definitely attracted to his student. He asks Dakota if he's ever touched a man's body and Dakota says he hasn't. He asks him him if he'd like to and Dakota nods. With that, Mike unzips his pants and Dakota feasts his eyes on his teacher's cock, reaching out and grabbing it eagerly before taking it into his mouth. Dakota proves to be a quick study as he devours Mike's dick, sucking the head and then working his way down the shaft. Mike is rock hard and ready to continue the lesson, so they head up to Dakota's room where Mike takes him to the school of hard knocks, pounding Dakota's perfect ass from behind before lifting him up and bouncing him on his cock reverse cowboy while standing.



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Johnny Rapid & Diego Sans Pirates Parody | Men.com!

June 7th, 2017

Johnny Rapid & Diego Sans

Pirates A Gay Parody Part 1!

The high seas are a hard and dangerous place for a pirate.


Daniel Fucks Porter Bareback | SeanCody!

June 6th, 2017

Daniel Fucks Porter



“I really need to get you naked…just kinda wanna cut to the chase.” Porter wasted no time to start things up after a day of playing croquet in the park…he really wanted some dick. Daniel took charge and did not disappoint. He gave Porter exactly what he wanted, while getting exactly what he wanted in return. It was a good day for both guys.



Stas Landon & Jack Andy DBL Penetrat Brian Bonds | Lucas!

June 2nd, 2017

Stas Landon & Jack Andy Dbl Penetrate Brian Bonds

100% Raw!


It looks like Stas Landon learned a thing or two from his business mentor, Dylan James: if someone wants favoritism in the office, then they need to earn it. Stas is supervising two new employees he finds himself attracted to: Brian Bonds and Jack Andy. He gets a read that Jack is a wild pig and Brian was born to serve, so when everyone goes home for the day these three stick around. The bareback sex heats up when Brian opens up his ass for both Stas’ cock and nine inches of meat Jack has between his legs.



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