Logan Moore Sucks Rides Roccos 10 Inch Cock At Lucas!

December 25th, 2015

Logan Moore Sucks & Rides Rocco Steele’s 10″ Cock!

A LucasEntertainment Exclusive

Sizzling HOT!

We have to say we like it when Rocco Steele has a bit of a tender side. Logan Moore, one of Lucas’s most handsome European models, is a submissive lover, so casting him with Rocco was a wise match: the two of them have awesome chemistry on camera. Though Logan has a career in gay bareback porn, he has experienced few cocks like the one Rocco Steele has. To learn how to take his cock, Logan first gets into the doggy position and don’t miss the expression on Logan’s face when Rocco starts pumping. But Logan’s true moment of triumph comes as  he is bouncing on Rocco like a pogo stick!



A Mans View Jamie Blyton At COLT!

December 20th, 2015

A Man’s View – Scene 2 – Jamie Blyton



Former BelAmi Model Florian Nemec  now Jamie Blyton On COLT! Taking a mid-day tea break, athletic hunk Jamie Blyton reads his paper, casually looking out one of the many windows of his study overlooking the city.  Something catches his eye as Jamie notices a naked, muscular stud stroking his big dick in a nearby window.  Distracted by the sight, Jamie spills his tea on his pants and soon finds himself completely naked and there with his monster uncut cock standing at full attention.  Naked and aroused Jamie watches the stud stroking at the window as he grips his man-tool tight.  With a cock that requires two hands for adequate stroking, Jamie turns his attention to his own thick piece of man-meat.   Hours spent milking his large cock by the window has Jamie's smooth-muscled body on fire and ready to explode.  The fireworks unleash as his raging cock erupts with a hot load shooting high up on his chest, drenching his torso in white steamy cum. 


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Denis Vega & Klein Kerr In Rock Candy MENATPLAY!

December 19th, 2015

Denis Vega & Introducing Klein Kerr



In Rock Candy!

MAP has done it again! Adding to their army of boner-enducing men, Menatplay brings you yet another new face – and what a face it is! 25 year old Klein Kerr has all the makings of a high fashion model, so his decision to step into one of their sharp tailored suits for his debut scene was natural. The result is – ROCK CANDY, co-starring none other the the muscle god that is Denis Vega. Except this time round Denis pulls no punches and breaks the new recruit in, the hard way, tying him up and giving him a bit of the Vegas rough treatment. But its evident that Klein can play rough too and they engage in a man on man power-struggle, wrestling all over the dirty rugged terrain and fighting for top position. Watch Klein as he takes the upper hand and gives Denis a good hard ass pounding and proves without a doubt that he has what it takes to be an official Menatplay Man.

An explosive debut for Klein, almost as explosive as his delicious cumshot! But fear not you’ll see much more of this new recruit very soon!

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Dylan James & Ashton Summers In Hole Wrecker At Lucas!

December 14th, 2015

Dylan James & Ashton Summers

In Hole Wrecker!

A LucasEntertainment Exclusive

It’s been said before, and it’s going to be said again;  Dylan James and Ashton Summers can never get enough action. After Dylan is finished with Hugh and Ashton leaves Alex tiredly panting in sweat and cum they move on to experience one another for the first time. Dylan wastes little time reaching into Ashton’s shorts and pulling out his big, throbbing uncut cock. These guys really go for it — their dicks are raging, and Ashton lets the camera know how much he loves having an alpha-male jock like Dylan James bottom for him!

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Kevin Crows Gets His Freak On With Mason Star!

December 13th, 2015

Kevin Crows Gets His Freak On With Mason Star

At CockyBoys!


Kevin Crows knows how to fuck! That guy is a real sex freak and he loves showing it on camera. When Mason Star walked in on him jerking off to the scene that Kevin filmed himself it was like signing his own hole sentence – poor Mason's hole was about to be subjected to extreme plowing and stuffing in every imaginable position. At one point Mason was in the air, holding on to Kevin for dear life, impaled on his giant cock and hanging on it like some piece of cock jewelry, while Kevin was bouncing him up and down on his cock as if his bubble butt was a beach ball. During the whole scene Kevin was choking Mason, smacking him, pulling his hair… he pretty much owned that bitch like it was his toy to do whatever he wanted with. And what do boys do with their toys? That's right! They cover them in cum!! Well, at least  at Cockyboys.com thats what they do! Enjoy!

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Kevin Crows And Spencer Two Horny CockyBoys!

December 12th, 2015


Kevin Crows And Spencer Are Two Horny CockyBoys

At CockyBoys!

Kevin and Spencer are two horny fuckers who just can't keep their clothes on. And why would they? Guys like Kevin and Spencer should be forbidden from ever wearing clothes on. Seeing their naked bodies get all wet and soaped up in my shower is a sight to behold every single day. Before Spencer even had a chance to realize what was going on he was already pinned to the wall with his legs spread apart and his pink hole exposed and getting the royal Kevin treatment. The muscle stud rimmed and owned that hole as if he's been doing it all his life. A few minutes later, Spencer was getting plowed in the shower and boy was he loving every minute of it! So fuckin' hot! But why am I even telling you all this?? Just push play already!

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Chad Logan And Lance Alexander Sexual Sanctuary!

December 11th, 2015

Chad Logan & Lance Alexander Find Sexual Sanctuary

A NextDoorBuddy Exclusive


Have you ever caught eyes with a sexy dude at a club or bar and knew simply by the exchange of looks that you mutually wanted to fuck? This has just happened to Chad Logan. They chatted a bit before agreeing in whispers to steal away to somewhere they could be naked together in each other's arms.

Luckily the bathroom has a locking door on it. They enter, prepared to indulge intense, lustful cravings. Chad reveals Lance's dick, an unbelievable, hulking member, fattening as Chad takes it into his hand, and then into his mouth. Lance can't believe this extremely cute guy is blowing him just moments after meeting him. Chad is elated to be tasting the seriously massive cock on the hottest, most chiseled guy he's seen as far back as he can remember. Then Lance goes down to slurp, suck, and nibble Chad's beefy boner. Then it's a hard, bathroom stall dick-down for Lance.

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More From Str8 Hunk Lance At EnglishLads!

December 10th, 2015

Flashback To Str8 Hunk Lance!

At EnglishLads

Str8 hunk Lance – Shows off his Muscular Body & Massive, Very Hard Uncut Thick Cock.

New boy Lance is stripping on camera for the first time; he is one of those slightly shy but very confident guys, loves showing off his body and as an amateur body builder he is used too showing off in a small thong while people look on! Today he strips down to some see through boxers and its soon obvious he is as built in his boxers as all his muscles outside them! After a little bit of teasing and showing off in lots of pairs of pants he pulls them down to show off an incredible large soft uncut cock; that with just a little attention gets even bigger and pops up straight at the sky! Lance is not shy about showing off any part of his body and he is soon sucking his own cock and exposing his whole which he shows off better than most str8 lads I have worked with! Some pumping of hot cock later and Lance shoots a nice load on his abs.

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Alex Waters And His New Friend Mick Lovell!

December 9th, 2015

Alex Waters And His New Friend Mick Lovell

At BelaminOnline.com


Today we show you Belami's 3rd American Guest. Alex Waters has shot very few scenes for other companies before Belami invited him to try out with them. They are waiting on your responses by the end of the month to see if we invite him to film some more in Africa at the end of the year. As a special sneak preview, this introductory clip also features new exclusive BelAmi boy Mick lovell (you get to finally see his beautiful big dick!!)

 You won’t believe who’s cumming!


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