PowerMan Pepe A Rich Man’s Boy Toy

May 28th, 2011


Introducing PowerMan Pepe Mendoza

Guys, if you love Beautiful Latinos and if you love naked muscle you need to bookmark this page.  When the guys from Powermen were scouting in Venezuela recently they thought they had all the models they needed for the week, and were strolling through the hotel lobby when a handsome young man boldly asked. "You shoot video of muscle models?" "Big dick muscle models?"He was insistent, and he looked angry. When the response was positive, Pepe said, "Good. You come with me. Now!" "You photograph me now," he demanded, "and give me the money you give to big-dick muscle models!" So what was up? The boytoy of a rich businessman from Caracas, Pepe had been out a little too late in the clubs the night before. The old gentleman, annoyed, had decided to teach Pepe a lesson, and withheld his allowance. Ah the price of beauty these days….Oh well, we’re glad they found Pepe, at least we can fantasize!!

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Harry Louis In The French Kiss MENATPLAY

May 27th, 2011

Harry Louis Teaches The French Kiss MENATPLAY

Starring Issac Jones & Harry Louis


Ever had a teacher at school that you used to daydream about in the middle of a lesson and loose yourself in thoughts of what you would like him to do to you? Well Harry Louis certainly has, and with a teacher like Issac who can blame him. Tall, mysterious, chiseled jaw, dark eyes you could get lost in and the sexiest French accent ever! No wonder Harry has trouble concentrating on his French vocab, or could he just be pretending to get some private 1 on 1 time with the sexy Mr. Jones? When Issac turns the blackboard and sees ‘Je vais baiser ton cul’ in Harry’s handwriting he realizes the boy must be much more fluent in French then he may be letting on, and that he’s been focusing on his ass rather than on his text books. And as we know by now, Harry always gets what he wants. Not only does he get to fulfill his fantasy by fucking his French teacher, he also manages to secure an A+ along the way!

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All Out Military Orgy At HighOctane

May 27th, 2011

All Out Military Orgy At HighOctane

Atilla F, Akos G, Zsolt K, Atilla N, Kristian B, Istvan S, Karoly, Istvan S, Kristian B, Laszlo, Miklos 0, Zoltan Sapka, Zsolt K

It’s an all-out military orgy in this hardcore group video. If men in green fatigues stripping off and shoving their pistols into other guys is your type of gangbang, than look no further than these muscled Euro boys

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Ryan Lucious Body And Cock On CorbinFisher

May 26th, 2011

Ryan Lucious Body And Cock On CorbinFisher

AGE 22
EYES Green
HEIGHT 5′ 6"
WEIGHT 160 lbs
HAIR Black
BUILD Muscular
SHOE    9.5

Ryan has a luscious body and cock. His pecs, shoulders, biceps and legs are muscular and thick. His cock is pretty thick as well. He was a Golden Gloves boxer for two years until injuries forced him out of the ring and into the CF ring!

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Soccer Hottie Asher Is On ActiveDuty

May 25th, 2011

Soccer Super Hottie Asher At ActiveDuty.com


It took Active Duty several tries to recruit beautiful Asher into their unit, but we’re glad they did. Asher is 5′ 6" and weighs 148 lbs. He enjoys playing soccer, practices martial arts and swims regularly. Asher was an avid athlete in high school and played nearly every sport, including wrestling. While he’s telling us all about that Dink gets him to stand up and start getting naked. Once his jeans come down the first thing we see is that gorgeous bubble butt of his. Then he turns around to reveal a raging hard cock. Talk about standing at attention. This guy is ready for battle. He drops down and gives us some push-ups where Dink gets some great shots of his hard cock touching the floor and some great sneak-peeks at that beautiful round ass.

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Blond Blue Eyed Hunk Conner At BadPuppy!

May 25th, 2011

Blond Blue Eyed Hunk Conner At BadPuppy!

Blond hair, blue eyed, buff hunk Conner Stevens starts off strong, stripping down to his tighty whities. He then pushes his briefs down just far enough to let his hard dong flop out over the waistband. He flips over onto his knees, pushes his cock and balls through the back of his legs and shows off his perfectly smooth bubble butt. 

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The Night Belongs To Luca At MuscleHunks

May 23rd, 2011

The Night Belongs To Luca




Luca Spattaro  is a handsome, smooth operator, with the physique of the nightclub dancer – he’s the man who on some enchanted evening you spot across a crowded room, and hope he’ll look favorably in your direction. For his debut performance on MuscleHunks.com, Luca is relaxing in his tropical poolside villa, where he feels the sensuous power of the night. Be with Luca tonight!


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Peter Sanger Hungarian Personal Trainer

May 22nd, 2011

Peter Sanger Hungarian Personal Trainer

At MarkWolff.com

Peter Sanger is a personal trainer from Hungary, that Mark shot at his hotel in London this past winter. This is a raw body worship JO video, nothing fancy, just a hot stud, in his prime with a nice hard dick! Peter has a beautiful physique tiny waist, sculpted delts and washboard abs. Watch him bring that hard tool to explosive climax! 

MarkWolff.com’s massive members area now features over 200 exclusive muscle & fitness models and well over 50 hrs of video

 Have you seen Mark’s new muscle blog?

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CockyBoy Robert Christian Fucks Hugo Milano

May 21st, 2011


Robert Christian Fucks Hugo Milano

At CockyBoys!

Well hell must have frozen over or somewhere out there there’s a pig flying through the sky because they managed to convince hot top stud Hugo Milano to bottom out for the first time ever!

 Hugo is the first to go for some cock as he drops down to workRobert’s big dick! As a reward for being such a good cock sucker Robert returns the favor and gives Hugo a nice wet blowjob. Then the two head inside for the main event. Enjoy!


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Guys Getting Way Out Of Control Sausage Party

May 19th, 2011

Guys Getting Way Out Of Control

Sausage Party


It was bound to happen sooner or later. Things got a little out of hand on this one. As the boys were doing their rounds you could see the guys in the crowd getting more and more "excited". It started out with some simple kissing then you notice some hands creeping in other guys pants (all the while of course the usual bjs). Then dudes are getting naked and everyone is doing each other! Wild!

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