Spanish Stud Sunny Fucks Rex At Badpuppy!

June 30th, 2016

Spanish Stud Sunny Colucci Fucks Rex Cameron!

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We fade in on Spanish stud, Sunny Colucci and Rex Cameron chatting on the sofa. The chatting doesn't last long. These two studs start passionately kissing. They strip off revealing their chiseled features. Rex climbs up onto Sunny’s lap and the face kissing continues between the two of them. Sliding down to the floor, Rex reaches up and loosens Sunny’s pants, pulling them down just enough to allow his thick dick, which is already hard, to jump up and slap his stomach. Rex swallows Sunny’s cock all the way to his balls, gagging most of the time due to Sunny’s size. Sunny motions for Rex to join him on the sofa and Sunny helps Rex loosen his jeans freeing Rex’s cock. As he is sucking Rex’s cock, Sunny is also using his fingers to loosen up that ass he plans on filling. Rex leans over the sofa pillows offering his ass which Sunny fills with his thick cock and once inside he begins fucking Rex’s ass like there is no tomorrow. These two studs find four different ways to fuck each other before Rex, who is now covered in sweat, grabs his cock and with a few strokes blows his thick creamy load of cum all over his six-pack chest. Of course this puts Sunny over the edge; he pulls out, and while jerking his cock, shoots a stream of jizz all over Rex’s cock, stomach and chest.

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Sam Truitt & Trent Ferris Pushin Limits ExtraBigDicKs!

June 28th, 2016

Rock Hard First Timer Aiden Tripps!


Sam is helping Trent move into his new apartment and they finally have finished bring up all the boxes. Trent notices that Sam's cock is hard and poking out of his shorts. Once Trent points it out Sam tells him he got hard because all he can think about is fucking that ass. Trent laughs it off and doesn't want that huge fat dick anywhere near his small tight ass.  Trent decides that he will give his buddy a nice long blow job for helping out. He begins stroking Sam's massive thick dick and slowly trying to get it all the way in his mouth without gagging but it's just too big. As Trent is licking that juicy cock Sam asks if he can fuck his ass. Sam spits all over his ass and gets his tongue deep inside licking and slurping his eager little hole. Sam really wants to fuck Trent. Trent agrees and spreads his ass open wide for that thick piece of meat. After a few positions they both let loose a stream of warm creamy cum.

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Tito Chiseled Blue Eyed Man Hunk At Fratmen!

June 24th, 2016

Tito Chiseled Blue Eyed Man Hunk!

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Tito is from a rough side of town where expressing yourself freely is as frowned upon as putting a smile on your face. Something about that testimony is clear as the blue sky when you look close at  Tito's eyes where you'll find another side to his personality. Tito might be reserved in his everyday habitat but that doesn't limit the natural sexual desire to express an appreciation for something of beauty. Don't blink because you'll have to seize the moment if you want to capture the essence of this rarity.

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Peter Handsome And Hung Like A Horse LatinJocks!

June 23rd, 2016

Jobson Latin Innocence Heart Of A Tiger!

At LatinJocks!


This weeks LatinJocks video features Peter! If you like yourLatin hunks handsome, tall, uncut with big & thick tools we've got just the man for you! Packing 10.5" Peter is the man!

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Four times a week we update LatinJocks with photos of our latest model, video clips in multiple formats and hot man on man sex (now filmed in High Definition)! Each model update includes at least 50 original pictures and 15 minutes of hot streaming video in QuickTime or Windows Media Player.Unlike our competitors, all our photos and videos are original and only available on

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Mason Star, Gabriel Clark And Adrian Long!

June 21st, 2016


Mason Star, Gabriel Clark & Adrian Long



There is really no easy way to describe this scene. Benny knew when he put these three in one room there would be chemistry and fireworks!  A quarter of this scene is just cumshots! These guys just kept spurting out gallons of cum as if they had it in excess. Basically, Gabriel and Mason both got fucked, fingered,  licked, and sucked and Adrian was probing them with his big giant Canadian sausage  like he was at the meat market shopping for the best meat in town. Mason, living up to the expectation of being a big dicked power bottom, was taking on anything that was shoved up his hole. And Gabriel, following Mason's example, somehow ended up taking not only Adrian's dick but Mason's too. It was almost like a TV game – never knowing what was gonna happen next and who's gonna get fucked by whom.  Enjoy. 

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Sean & Tate Bareback Only At SeanCody!

June 13th, 2016

Sean & Tate Bareback Only!

Sean Cody


“This is going to be the first time I get to top here!” Tate laughed. “Weird…aren’t you a huge bottom?” Sean asked “Yeah, but I have to mix it up a bit!” Tate was up for the challenge and really went for it while all Sean could do was sit back and take it. These two fuck like normal until the last position where out of nowhere they both get a little dirty. “Something took over me, I really wanted him to choke me and spit in my mouth. It’s hot as fuck!” Sean said with a shit-eating grin on his face. There really are some great cum shots for this film and you can tell that Tate really liked being able to top and clearly Sean loved taking it. Both guys had a lot of chemistry and even spent some time going out after the shoot was over. “Did you get into any trouble?”  “Yes!” They both laughed and answered with huge smiles on their faces.

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Parker Perry In Trouble With Samuel O Toole

June 12th, 2016

The Big Wet PayBack!

Parker Perry is starting trouble. While Samuel O'Toole casually surveys a scenic rural sunset, Parker decides to play a pretty wet trick on him, splashing him with a bucket of cold water. As retribution, Samuel decides that Parker owes him, and decides to take out the punishment all over Parker's sweet mouth. Well, in no time at all, Samuel is warmed up and ready to move on to coital payback, working Parker's ass in several different positions before finally splashing Parker with something a little thicker than water.

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Sexy Top Jerek Nails Alexander Bareback At SeanCody!

June 11th, 2016

Sexy Top Jerek Nails Alexander Bareback!

At Sean Cody


Jarek was pounding aggressively on Alexander's hole. All of a sudden, Jarek slowed down a little, got this really intense look on his face, and just started pumping slowly while his nuts tightened up.

He hadn't said a word, but we knew what had happened. Jarek had just dumped a load inside Alexander! He pulled his dick out and a small river of cum leaked out all over the floor.

"I couldn't hold it!" Jarek said as they were laughing about it later. "I tell you what though… it felt fucking amazing!" "Yeah it was pretty intense," Alexander agreed. "I could feel you cumming inside me!"

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Armond Rizzo Bottoms For Hung Mario Costa At Lucas!!

June 10th, 2016

Armond Rizzo Bottoms For Hung Mario Costa

A LucasEntertainment Exclusive

Sizzling HOT!

These little Latin boys sure are size queens. Armond Rizzo is back, and he puts us all to shame with his skills wrangling ridiculously large penises. Whose ridiculously large penis is in the running this time, you might be wondering? It’s Mario Costa, who is new to the set of Lucas Entertainment, and with any luck he will be making a return appearance in future films… with endowment like that, it would be a shame not to. We think Armond Rizzo is in agreement. Clearly, Mario Costa is a skilled top — it must all be in the Cuban breeding.

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