COLTStudios HARD DRIVE Scene 1

December 30th, 2011


COLTstudios HARD DRIVE Scene 1

Starring Valentin Petro & Dylan Roberts!


Scene 1 – Valentin Petrov & Dylan Roberts (Flip)

On the computer screen Habib enjoys a dreamy sequence of naked young studs, Dylan Roberts and Valentin Petrov as they come together with hard cocks and eager open mouths.  Dylan worships Valentin’s big beautiful uncut cock, deep throating and slurping, lovingly cupping those balls in his hand as he swallows every inch. Valentin also gets a tasty mouthful of Dylan’s uncut cock with a heaping serving of ass on the side. Slipping around back Valentin slips his tongue deep in Dylan’s hot round ass. Straddling his chest, Valentin feeds Dylan more of his big juicy cock. Already in a good position, Valentin leans back and slides his ass down onto Dylan’s rock hard tool, taking that cock for a ride while stroking his own thick monster cock. 


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Frank DeFoe Live Now At MuscleHunks

December 27th, 2011

Frank DeFoe Live Now At MuscleHunks


Live Shows  

It’s hard sometimes to think of something fresh and new ideas for video shoots, but all-American athlete Frank Defoe helped us out in this one. On a hot, summer day, Frank heads outside to give his pick-up truck a wash with the garden hose. First the muscle tee comes off, then the jeans; and then standing in nothing but a jockstrap, Frank lathers up his truck and his beautifully sculpted body. Then Frank grabs a different kind of hose and strokes it hard in the great outdoors. 




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The Guys Next Door Marcus Mojo And Landon Conrad

December 25th, 2011

The Guys Next Door Part 2

Marcus Mojo And  Landon Conrad

Falcon Studios

Marcus Mojo is having a morning swim andLandon Conrad is sunning himself on the edge of the pool. A suggestive compliment from Marcus to Landon is all it takes to get the two picture-perfect studs going. After some heavy making out, Marcus pulls Landon’s stiff rod out of his underwear and begins to give a cocksucking worthy of gold medals. Who wouldn’t want to have this amazing piece of man flesh in his mouth? Landon wants to show off his rimming skills on Marcus’s fine, sweet ass. They’ve traded places and Marcus sits on the edge of the pool giving Landon a perfect view. Between bouts of mad licking and probing with his tongue, Landon takes water in his mouth and spits it on Marcus’s manhole until it is well prepared to take Landon’s perfect cock. Marcus bends over and Landon starts hitting Marcus’s spot right away. Soon, Landon’s pounding away to the enjoyment and pleasure of Marcus, who flips over so we can see his ripped abs while Landon slams away. Marcus jerks a wad of jizz out while Landon’s deep inside him and Landon follows suit shortly after.


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Manuel Santos Buff, Horny, Sicilian At LucasKazan

December 13th, 2011


Manuel Santos Buff, Horny Sicilian



Manuel is all-Sicilian, tall, buff, horny and nasty. Above all, this 27 year old is the most verbal applicant I’ve lensed. Manuel looks straight into the camera, connects with you and engages you with his seductive dirty talk. "You filthy pigs. Why don’t you jerk off with me? Com’ on, you know you want my cock up your ass…" I haven’t heard a trademark rap like his –100% unrehearsed– since Jeff Stryker’s days. And never before in Sicilian: how does "minchia" sound, in lieu of "cock"?

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Kyle Stevens Amped Muscle At ManifestMen

December 12th, 2011




 There’s no power shortage when an electrician played by muscleman Kyle Stevens finds himself “turned on” and “amped up” while working on a Manifest Men set. After spotting Vin Marco, a switch goes off in Kyle’s head and he’s inspired to flex his own body. With a determined and confident look he removes his tool belt and his t-shirt flexing his biceps and easing right into a posing routine, admiring his own physique in the process with great pride. Of course no flexing and posing is any good with his jeans and tank top on and so he removes them, continuing to so a complete and electrifying posedown while wearing briefly that barely hide anything. Explosions of thunder accentuate a flexing routine that shows off the completely powerful musculature of Kyle Stevens. And because this is the ManifestMen studio Kyle gets naked .Massive legs, steel hard ass, a flat waist, sculpted pecs, wide back and thick guns are put on display and Kyle Stevens is not shy about feeling his own body. Tracing every inch with his hands and smiling with pride Kyle Stevens is no longer an electrician—he’s a muscle god of thunder showing off strength, size and symmetry.  Enjoy!


Stefan Havlik Euro Hunk At MuscleGallery

December 11th, 2011

Stefan Havlik Euro Hunk At MuscleGallery

Stefan Havlik

Slovakian and European IFBB Champion Stefan Havlik is one of Europe’s best bodybuilders  and has been on the competitive scene for a long time. He was ripped and huge, and posed and performed with style and bravado. Stefan performed for our cameras with a cool confidence, sexuality and professionalism that we have rarely seen before. Don’t miss his extraordinary sword dance!

 What Is 

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world.  

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Joe Rivas Hot Muscled Solo At BelamiOnline

December 9th, 2011

Joe Rivas Hot Muscled Solo Star At BelamiOnline

This weeks Pin-Up stud Joe Rivas has many amazing qualities. If you don't melt from his beautiful eyes, then its his hot muscled body and big uncut cock will get you going. One way or another Joe is one hot fucker! The hottest boys in the world plus daily content updates exclusively from!


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Studly Trio Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin And Bruno!

December 7th, 2011

Studly Trio Manuel Rios, Sascha Chaykin And Bruno


Very Very Hot!

Manuel Rios & Sascha Chaykin are walking around when the see the studly Bruno hanging out on a balcony. Bruno entices the 2 studs up to his flat for a hot fuck. Once in Bruno's place the big uncut cocks come out and a hot 3-way begins. Bruno has a hot body and big thick uncut cock but its his ass that will get used by Sascha & Manuel. Don't miss a moment of the action and all 6 cum shots exclusively at


  You won’t believe who’s cumming!


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Denis Sergovskiy At LiveMuscleShow!

December 7th, 2011


Denis Sergovskiy At LiveMuscleShow! is Proud to present Muscle Sensation and IFBB pro Denis Sergovskiy. Denis Sergovskiy is one of the most exciting muscle man to hit the bodybuilding competition scene in a long time. Standing tall at 6 feet, 1 inches; blessed with perfect symmetry, astonishing muscle detail and incredible sex appeal, you will be thrilled to do a one on one seen with this phenominal MuscleGallery superstar!

Talk to him LIVE – At!

Yes, he’s handsome, with deep-set dark eyes that look like they’re staring into your very soul. Go ahead and swim and them …but beware: Beneath the choirboy exterior is a very, very bad boy. As he shows in the just-released DVD"Pretty Boys Gone Wild," this young buck knows how to do a sexy striptease. 

Maybe it’s that barely-there sneer in that otherwise angelic face that gives him away-but this is one cherubic-looking man with a decidedly nasty streak. He’s the choirboy who, when the congregation is turned, is pleasuring himself in the choir loft. And once he gets started shaking that beautiful ass, you don’t know what’s going to come next. But stay with him.

He may not be the super-nice guy you thought he was, but he aims to please. And once he gets going, stand aside, because this is one pretty boy who really does know how to go wild. In fact, Dennis loves to trade on his good looks, just to surprise you with his bad-boy attitude. So be prepared to be surprised.

 Talk to him LIVE – At!


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Fritz Helm Muscle Dream Live Show Today

December 4th, 2011

 Your Muscle Dream Fritz Helm Is Back!


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 Fritz is on his University’s swim team, so hes used to people checking him out. He’s even used to it in the locker room! This shy young guy is tight and toned and comes to us all the way from Eastern Europe. And you know how liberal those Europeans can be. But…




  You Can also get off with Fritz at LiveMuscleShow!

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