Mico First Pick Of The Monster Cocks At Chaosmen!

December 28th, 2012|


Mico First Up On Monster Cock Week

At ChaosMen.com

Bryan is starting Monster Cock Week with a lean hippie-style dude. His look is not for everyone, but you gotta give the guy props, he is packing some very big meat! Mico is a bi guy, leaning more to the gay side. He does have a mighty big dick, and he finds not many guys can take it, so we think he sleeps with girls to get some penetration. Bryan told him he isn’t looking hard enough for guys willing to take on the challenge!

Mico is more than willing to swap oral with a dude, so stay tuned later this week to see that ginormous cock in someone’s mouth!


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Take the XXX tour  


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Clean Cut New Discovery Farmboy Troy On ActiveDuty!

December 23rd, 2012|

Clean Cut New Discovery Farmboy Troy

 At Active Duty!


Active Duty has another new recruit from their main man, actor-turned-director Kaden Saylor. Troy is a man with a gleaming smile, smooth body, built chest and just gosh-darn pretty eyes. He stands 5’10" tall and weighs a muscular 205 lbs. He’s got a natural build that’s all farm-grown from physical labor. Troy loves anything outdoors, including playing football and wrestling. Troy is hot and looks like he’s going a real turn on!

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Milo Smiling Blue Eyes And Pretty Cock FratmanTV!

December 19th, 2012|

Kane, Young Handy Man With Muscles

At All New Fratmen.TV


Big blue eyes don’t bring about world peace but they sure do make us smile when a handsome guy gives you the eye! There’s more to Milo than meets the eye though! Subtle chest hair and a toned physique give Milo another edge but there’s more. A well shaped cock nestled on dark hairy abundance of pubes are nothing without the libido to drive the sex! Luckily Milo checks out there too. Check him out yourself!


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Tommy White Horny Student Jock At Badpuppy!

December 17th, 2012|

Sexy Tommy White Horny Student Jock!

At Badpuppy.com!


Tommy White is a horny student who can’t wait to get down to business. He wastes no time feeling his well defined muscular chest and pinching his nipples to stir the juices in his nuts that hang heavy below his uncut cock. It’s not long before he is showing us his man pussy which is ready to be filled with more than just our imagination. We are rewarded with a view of Tommy fingering his juicy manhole while stoking his huge uncut banana, peeling and unpeeling it. The combination of finger fucking himself and buttering the lobster sends Tommy over the edge and he releases his splooge to cover his treasure trail in the white cream of his sausage.

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Forest Winters Debuts On PerfectGuyz!

December 17th, 2012|

Stunning Forest Winters

 On PerfectGuyz.com

Age: 24
Zodiac: Gemini
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Height: 5′ 11"
Weight: 205lb
Waist: 33"
Chest: 44"
Shoe Size: 12
Cock: 8" cut
Physique: Ripped

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Forest is a classic, sexy All American male. At the ripe age of 24, he has traveled the world, competed in gymnastics, worked as a professional diver, and is known as a stand-up comic. Forest is definitely a performer at heart – made crystal clear in is video. Forest oozes charm, charisma and SEX. Forest’s physical stature is impressive. He stands just under six feet tall, and at 205 pounds is pure muscle. His biceps and quads are, perhaps his best muscular features. But – his Blue Bedroom Eyes are remarkable. Forest’s seductive glace coupled with his sweet, boyish grin is a stunning combination. It was clear to us that Forest is an intelligent guy – another one of this sexy attributes. Indeed, he sports a prominent tattoo displaying the immortal words by Julius Caesar: Vçnî, vîdî, vîcî. It translates as "I came, I saw, I conquered” – timeless and sophisticated and ….exactly what we would expect fromForest Winters.


 View Forest’s Free Preview 


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Bruce Wang Roman Nose Beautiful Muscle At PM!

December 16th, 2012|

Bruce Wang Roman Nose Beautiful Muscle!

At PowerMen.com!



 Hotter Than Ever!  

Bruce Wang

Seems there’s a lot of testosterone in the air in our muscle studio – so much so that even our new Production Assistant is affected! We just can’t seem to hire anyone to do anything without that guy stripping down and spanking the monkey just as soon as his duties are done for the day. Bruce Wang is no exception: long and lean, we admit once we took a look at that great Roman nose and that hot two-day growth of beard, we knew this dude was packing – and packing he was!

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Micky, Str8 Longhaired, Hung Lean Muscle!

December 10th, 2012|

Micky, Str8 Longhaired, Hung Lean Muscle

On Squirtz.com 

Micky is a serious type of guy. Right now his focus is on working out and getting more muscular and he’s not fooling around. He works out hard and with purpose and he pays strict attention to diet and resting. You probably won’t be surprised to find thatMicky is straight and does very well with the girls. And he takes his sex as seriously as his bodybuilding. He’s a real expert.

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Zeb Atlas Bathroom Fantasy!

December 6th, 2012|

Zeb Atlas Bathroom Fantasy


Ready to have a shower, would you like to go with me and touch my big arms and body? You’re going to enjoy my site and my big surprises with what I do with my big hard cock.  Come join the fun!


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Muscle Buds Bums Rush Scene 2 ColtStudios!

December 6th, 2012|


Jason Visconti


 Muscle Buds Bums Rush Scene 2

Joe Justice

It’s a busy day of pre-match training in the gym. Muscle-buds Joe Justice and Jason Visconti start their workout with Joe on his knees. Jason stands facing Joe and lowers his boxing trunks to reveal his hard-sprung cock. Nearby, Keda stops mid-workout to watch as the action unfolds right in front of him.

Joe works double time to keep these two hard cocks satisfied. As he uses his mouth onKeda’s hot cock, he turns and offers his muscled ass for Jason to pound. Jason puts that hot hole to good use, drilling his big cock deep inside. Working twice as hard, Joe gets on top and rides Jason’s hard pole as milks Keda’s throbbing cock. Soon the dick juice starts to flow. Jason shoots first, setting off a chain reaction as one by one each guy gives up a thick and creamy load, drenching the work-out bench in a bath of hot cum.

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Gavin Sevin A Charming Guy Works It On ChaosMen!

December 6th, 2012|


Gavin Sevin A Charming Guy Works It!

On Chaosmen.com


Gavin who is also known under other names has been doing film for 3-4 years, but according to Gavin's count, he has only done about 8 films. Gavin currently works in gay bars, so is real used to the gay community and ironiclly he says it is a great place meet girls. 

Add on top of Gavin has an easy going attitude, friendly talk-to-me vibe, and  brains.   From what we can tell, he spent his younger days partying and giving his parents sleepless nights, but he seems to have calmed down, figured out how to chill and not be in party mode all the time, and spend quality time alone at home.

Bryan really loved working with him. Gavin is a charming guy with great energy, an awesome body, and our guess is he will be back for more!


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