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Introducing Jock Men Live – A New Kind Of Live Cams!

September 27th, 2015|

Introducing A New Kind Of Live Cams!



Sizzling HOT!!


It's the LiveCam Site With A Special Difference!

At JockMenLive, they have worked hard to bring you a new kind of experience! They are dedicated to making this site the best experience ever – for you, the members and for their dedicated athletes and muscle men!

In addition to live video chat, you can now instant message your favorite guys whenever you're online with us. Follow an athlete, and receive special updates on your enhanced member page. Sponsor your favorite athletes growth through our sponsorship program – a way for you to directly contribute to your man becoming the champion you know he is!

Hot Nicholas

Think it's just another muscle site!



We think not!  Not only do thhey feature the world's hunkiest men live, they feature an extensive, ever-growing collection of all-new photos, video, and private galleries of all their great masculine webcam stars!

Meet The Men Now!

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Sebastian Kross Casey More Crusin For Ass HotHouse!

September 21st, 2015|

Sebastian Kross & Casy More

Crusing For Ass


Ripped and tatted heartthrob Sebastian Kross is so horny he's cruising for ass by sitting on a bench and stroking his cock in a dark alley. He needs release and he just wishes someone would cruise by and suck his thick hot cock.  Thankfully Casey More passes by and accepts Sebastian's offer of some dick to suck.  Casey's right on it, slurping up Sebastian's hefty dick and getting smacked in the face by his low hangers. While Casey's going to town on his cock, Sebastian has his sights on Casey's ass. Wanting to take Sebastian's cock in every way, Casey's quickly bent over and welcoming that cock in his tight hole. Sebastian gets behind and slams away deep into Casey butt. Casey's wants to take it deeper and lays on the bench and has his legs in the air to give Sebastian deep penetrating ass access. With his balls slamming against Casey's ass cheeks, Sebastian increases the pace with rapid thrusts that push him over the edge, pulling out, and jerking a shower of cum onto Casey's leg. Streams of milky jizz fly out of Casey's cock and onto his ripped abs.

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Dripping Hot BB Interracial Threesome At Lucas!!

September 21st, 2015|

Dripping Hot BB Interracial Threesome!

Rod Beckmann, Drew Sebastian, And Dolf Dietrich


Sizzling HOT!

 When MichaelI talked to Rod Beckmann about his sexual background, he said he was a top (good to know). But when he’s on film he’s more than willing to give up his ass if the guys are hot enough. We assure you: Dolf Dietrich and Drew Sebastian are always hot enough. Both Drew and Dolf had a hankering for some dark meat, and a threesome with Rod was right up their alley… literally; no one’s alley was safe at the end of this filming. Rod enjoyed himself getting between his two bear brothers-in-arms, and he didn’t hold back at all when servicing their dicks. The hot action that comes to life in the video itself speaks for itself.  Watch Rod Beckman take on Drew Sebastian and Dolf Dietrich.

  The Tour


  The Tour


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Andrew Stark Ricky Decker Tahoe Cozy Up Falcon!

September 20th, 2015|

Andrew Start & Ricky Decker

Tahoe Cozy Up!


Andrew Stark claims that a midnight tryst in the kitchen will cure Ricky Decker's insomnia. Ricky's dubious, but when Andrew pulls out a hard, fat cock, Ricky figures it's better than a glass of warm milk and he agrees to 'give it a shot.' He kneels and sucks Andrew's veiny member with long swallows, stroking the shaft and squeezing his nuts. Ricky has an olive complexion, hairy legs and a toned, V-shaped torso. The granite countertop makes a chilly bed, but sexual heat quickly warms it. Laying back, Ricky spreads his legs to give Andrew access to his hairy hole. Andrew finally shucks his clothes. His muscular body is smooth and his cock is raging. Ricky's ass is ready to be fucked and Andrew drives his cock in letting Ricky experience all 8 thick inches. Andrew flips Ricky over so he can watch him cum. Ricky's jism overflows his navel and dribbles down his flanks as Andrew pulls his cock out and is shaken by an orgasm that makes him tremble from head to toe.

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COLT Man Doug Perry Thick Throbbing Muscle Stud!

September 17th, 2015|

Doug Perry Thick Throbbing Muscle Stud!

COLT Icon Series!




From the most trusted name in all-male erotica and continuing to set the standard in masculine appeal, COLT Studio Group and it's COLT Men are a cut above the rest. Standing at the apex of sexual expression, the Men of the COLT Icon Series are the cream of the crop.
COLT Man Doug Perry is one giant wall of thick and throbbing muscle.  Observed in the wild by COLT’s camera lens, this hung and hunky superstar caused quite a stir as he strolled naked through the woods in his now infamous “Legendary Bodies” scene.  Seeing is believing and these rarely seen images are proof-positive that Doug Perry is a COLT ICON through and through.
Check out more COLT Man Icon Doug Perry in “Legendary Bodies” 

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Real Time BFs Johnny V Joey D Ooze Lust At RS!

September 15th, 2015|

Real Time BF's Johnny V & Joey D Oozing Lust




Real-life boyfriends Johnny V and Joey D are rocking black jockstraps, black boots, and racks of bulging muscles. Both studs ooze with rampant lust and they are about to give you a look at their intense and exciting sex life. They chew each other's lips and smash their boiling nuts together, until Johnny reaches out to tear Joey's jock away so he can suck his hard cock throbbing behind the mesh. Joey playfully cock-whips him, then directs his sexual focus at Johnny's muscle-butt. Joey kneads it, slaps it, and spits at Johnny's tight hole before drilling it with his tongue and fingers. It's only a matter of time before Johnny wants more and demands 'that big fuckin' cock' in his ass. His wish is granted, and he gets all nine inches of Joey's thick, juicy dick in a powerful thrust. Their smooth muscular bodies writhe as Joey slams Johnny. They roll into a sit-fuck position to mix up the romp, and Johnny rides hard on Joey's huge cock, beating Joeys chest in appreciation of the intense fuck he's getting. The excitement explodes as Johnny grabs his cock and sprays multiple streams of cum across both of their torsos. In a spectacular climax, colossus Joey stands over Johnny and showers him with spunk.

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Hard Friction

High Octane

 The all-new Raging Stallion Mega Site

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Mick Lovell & Phillipe Gaudin, Mick’s First Fuck!

September 12th, 2015|

Mick Lovell & Phillipe Gaudin – Mick's First Fuck!

Only At BelamiOnline.com 


The day has finally arrived, Mick Lovells first fuck ever at BelAmiOnline.com! The fans have been waiting for this day and we paired him with the super sexy Phillipe Gaudin. The 2 boys warm up with some passionate kissing until Phillipe slowly works his way down to the big cock of Mick. Mick then returns the favor and even deep throats Phillipes cock. Next they trade off eating ass and Mick quickly goes for the hot ass of Phillipe and delivers a hot fuck. Phillipe then puts Mick on all 4's to fuck the cum out of him. Hot boys, big dicks, and daily content updates exclusively at BelAmiOnline.com!

  You won’t believe who’s cumming!


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Sheridan And Jarek Bareback!

September 12th, 2015|

 Sheridan And Jark Bareback



“Wow this is really unusual!” Sheridan said as Jarek was showing off his foreskin. “I’ve never seen another one before!” “Never?” Jarek asked. “Not in the shower at the gym or anything?”

“No,” Sheridan replied. “I haven’t”  Jarek laughed. I knew that Sheridan was proud of his foreskin so it was fun seeing his reaction to another.  “You know it feels a lot better when you get fucked by one of these!” Jarek said in his cocky way. “Really?” Sheridan said. “I didn’t know…” Jarek laughed again. He loves to fuck with people. Of course, Sheridan had no frame of reference. But I think he definitely enjoyed it!

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Coach Got A Big Boner New Site JizzOrgy!

September 11th, 2015|

Coach Got A Big Boner



The coach & four guys on the team are in the shower talking about going o

Rafael Alencar, Ricky Sinz, Tony Paradise,

Spencer Fox, Sebastian Keys

ut for a night on the town. When one of the guys notices that the coach has a boner a potentially awkward situation turns into an orgy.

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Teo Services Alexandro Oh Yeah At ChaosMen!

September 11th, 2015|

Teo Services Hung Latino Alexandro

Oh Yeah!


Bryan  was kicking himself while Alexandro was doing his solo. He has one beautiful fat uncut cock. Slurp! You see, Bryan had Teo all setup the next day “just in case”Alexandro wanted to get his dick sucked while he was here doing his solo.  Bryan figured Teo would excel at dealing with an uncut cock, and he does a fine job.

But Teo had lockjaw after only 3-4 minutes. To be honest, we all would have lol!  Alexandro was atypically quiet for a guy who we thought would be open-minded to having another guy blow him. Which makes for a good “Nervous Straight Guy Gets Blown for the First Time” type of video.

The guys broke a couple times to take photos, and Teo just kept laughing at how huge Alexandro's cock was, and relieved he was only blowing him and felt sorry for the poor guy who was going to (hopefully for us) sit on it! Teo also steps up his game by letting Alexandro cum in his mouth, sucking the last drop out of his ginormous uncut cock!  

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Take the XXX tour 


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