The One And Only Zac De Haan Belami!

October 28th, 2016

The One And Only Zac De Haan

Solo Feature!

A BelamiOnline Exclusive


Zac has been for some time one of the members favorite Hungarian hunks. Zac is mild mannered and incredibly sexy exclusvie Top. He as has been a very welcome addition to the BelAmi team since he joined several years ago. This set was taken for Belami by resident photographer Eliot Klien.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Tobias And Austin Carter The Perfect Guy At!

October 26th, 2016

Tobias And Austin Carter

The Perfect Guy Fuck!

Sizzling Hot!

Tobias knows exactly what he’s looking for in a man, and believes he can dream him into existence. Cue the perfect guy; Austin Carter. Just looking to deliver some misplaced mail, Austin is thrust upon Tobias’ couch and stripped by his eager neighbor. The boys take each other’s dicks in their mouths and prime them for the main event. Tobias pumps that perfect ass full of his man meat, massaging inside Austin with his relentless back-and-forth motions.

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Torsten Ullman Flip Fucks Kris Evans Belami!

October 22nd, 2016

Torsten Ullman Flip Fucks Kris Evans!


Torsten is one of those rare boys who decided to select a stage name that he came up with by himself.

He is also flexible and very sexual with barely any inhibitions. Every since scheduling for BelAmi’s Summer of Love we’ve been looking forward to your reactions to this combination. Despite one being dark and the other fair, Kris and Torsten have a lot in common, although Kris obviously has a few years on the young Torsten. Great dicks, near perfect bodies and a hunger for sex.  This is a flip flop scene with Kris topping an admiring Torsten in the first part and then the young contender taking his turn to fuck Kris. 

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Jeroen Mondrian Belami!

October 21st, 2016

Jeroen Mondrian!

A BelamiOnline Exclusive

Very Hot!

Jeroen is another of Belami's hot new guys! You may have seen a couple times before in the gym and in a couple of behind the scenes pics, we are happy to introduce him to up close and personal in this feature. You will be seeing more of Jeroen in the future.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Ryan Rose Flip Fucks Hung Stud JJ Knight At Falcon

October 20th, 2016

Ryan Rose Flip Fucks Hung Stud JJ Knight

Desert Gateaway

Falcon Studios


 It's too windy to be outdoors, so JJ Knight relaxes on the couch, passing time by surfing the web. Ryan Rose sits down next to him and closes the laptop: he knows a better way to kill time. He leans in for a kiss. Their tall, muscular bodies intertwine in a passionate embrace. Ryan rips off his shirt, and JJ does the same. Sliding off JJ's shorts, Ryan pulls out JJ's throbbing boner and slicks it up with spit. Now fully naked, they 69 on the couch, sucking on each other's huge cocks. Ryan puts his ass in JJ's face, and JJ eagerly rims Ryan's perfect hole. Rimming Ryan makes JJ's massive cock throb with anticipation. Sitting down on JJ's cock, Ryan rides the monster meat, sliding his stretched hole up and down JJ's girthy shaft. Switching it up, JJ bends over and takes Ryan's incredible tool doggy style. JJ's eyes close as he takes Ryan's powerful ramming. With these two competitive studs together, it's a contest to see who can fuck faster, harder, deeper. They flip flop once more, allowing JJ the chance to penetrate Ryan's meaty ass once again. Ryan's firm, rounded haunches ripple as JJ thrusts faster and harder. Pulling out, JJ shoots a massive load of white spunk directly on Ryan's wet hole. Rolling over, Ryan strokes himself and blasts JJ in the face with his hot cum.

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Damien Cross, James Castle & Devin Franco Orgy At Lucas!

October 17th, 2016

Damien Cross, James Castle & Devin Franco

Five Star Orgy!


Sizzling HOT!

Damien Crosse is a gay porn performer that steals the show every time he’s on camera. He is a top in total control of the scene, and he makes the other guys service his fat and throbbing uncut cock. Lucas Entertainment exclusive models James Castle, Devin Franco, Damon Heart, are all ready to fulfill his needs with their asses and mouths. This scene has an incredible lineup of exceptionally hot guys!

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Tommy Regan & JJ Knights Trust Me It’s Not Gay | Men!

October 12th, 2016

Tommy Regan & JJ Knights

Trust Me It's Not Gay!

Big-dicked JJ Knight convinces sexy stud Tommy Regan that a little guy on guy action isn’t gay. The guys suck each other’s fat cocks, and then Tommy goes for ride with JJ’s stiff pole deep in his cute ass.


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5 Star Beauty Aiden Quinn Exclusively At Belami!

October 10th, 2016

5 Star Beauty Aiden Quinn!




This week we have hunky Aiden Quinn as model of the week. Belami first met Aiden back when they brought you his casting video. Aiden is easy going and quite comfortable taking his clothes off in front of the camera, and thankfully the camer guy spent some extra time with him to highlight Aiden's beautiful bubble butt.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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Boomer Banks Rocco Steele Cluster Fuck 2 RagingStallion!

October 10th, 2016

Boomer Banks & Rocco Steele

Cluster Fuck 2



Boomer Banks and Rocco Steele, both heavily and colorfully inked, line up head-to-tail — a good position to suck a guy’s cock or eat his ass. There’s a lot of cock here. This duo has so much meat between their legs, it leaves you wondering who’s going to bottom. But it’s undeniable that  Rocco is an ass pro, and he’s doing such a good job on Boomer hole that Boomer can’t even focus on sucking. Rocco knows his way around an ass: he spits, sniffs, probes and teases with tongue and fingers, sometimes using multiple fingers to stretch that hole wider. Boomer gets Rocco’s cock real wet and works it with his mouth and hand, but he’s fully aware what he wants. He flips around and slowly impales himself on Rocco’s massive wide tool, inch by fat inch, while sticky juices drip from his hole down the shaft of Rocco’s cock. Grunts and moans of satisfaction echo from man to man. Rocco increases his speed and intensity, and they take turns stroking Boomer’s cock until they both explode in white hot loads that Rocco swallows and snowballs.

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Scandal In The Vatican The Swiss Guards Only At Belami!

October 6th, 2016


Scandal In The Vatican 2 The Swiss Guards!

A BelamiOnline Exclusive

Beyond Hot!

Are you READY! It is time for Scandal In The Vatican 2 – The Swiss Guards!


Kevin Warhol,Manuel Rios, Joel Birkin, Gino Mosca, Claude Sorel, Zac DeHaan, Marcel Gassion, jean Daniel, Hoyt Kogan. Our story begins this time as Kevin is browsing on the web and finds an article about a scandal involving the Swiss Guards. Thinking that it is very unfair that the priests get to enjoy them and he doesn't he hatches a plan with co-conspirators Gino and Claude that will get them in on the action too. 

Since there is so much to cover we decided to break it up into 2 parts for you.  It shouldn’t be hard to guess whether Kevin gets his guardsman or not…. but the attempt is certainly entertaining.

Introducing Mega Hung Hottie Joel Birkin As Brother Massimos!

Joel’s story started with George's promise to one of Belami's Hungarian model scouts that if he found a young man with a 11 inch dick that George would buy him a new car.  After several months effort he came up with Joel Birkin. Joel’s dick is not 11 inches but reasonably close to 10 (by American porn standards) though it is probably much more, depending on the talents of the cameraman.  Brace yourselves this is sizzling hot!!

Checkout Brother Massimos  Hard 10" Cock

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!

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