Zander Takes All 12 Inches Of Leo Alexander BB | Lucas!

November 19th, 2023

Zander Takes All 12 Inches Of Leo Alexander

Bareback Fuck

  Zander Craze takes all 12 inches of Leo Alexander bareback, and you’d think Leo would break him, but Zander loves every minute of it! (This scene starts out with an incredible make-out session, so don’t skip ahead right away if it’s the sucking and fucking you are usually after.) Here’s what’s exceptional about Leo: his sweet, puppy-dog eyes and smile. And then, of course, there’s his smoking body and ridiculous dick. Zander is well aware of this, and it’s why he is enamored with him for the full 38 minutes of the scene. And is Zander intimidated by Leo Alexander’s 12 inches? If he is, he certainly doesn’t let it stop him, because he takes the dick bareback and he takes it oh so well. Never before has the word “pounded” been deserved in a porn write-up.


Rico Elbaz Giant Behind Zipper III On MuscleHunks

February 3rd, 2023


Rico Elbaz Giant Behind Zipper III


Rico Elbaz returns with a splash! There are not many ways to describe the “Giant Behind the Zipper.” You really have to see him (and “it”) for yourself. While Rico’s perfect body and his seductive moves are already enough to drive anybody crazy, the ultimate revelation of his complete manhood is exactly what everybody is waiting for. And there is only one place where you can see it all: here at!!!


More Of Peter Porter Muscle Boy Next Door!

October 8th, 2015


It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Peter Porter
The Loose Pants of the Boy Next Door

Peter Porter is that kind of Boy Next Door you have been waiting for. He is a little shy, but once he feels comfortable he will do anything you want. At only 20 years of age and very high testosterone levels he is ready to explore and to explode. Peter is ready! Are you ready for Peter?

Tall, Masculine, Muscular Uncut Connel

June 23rd, 2015

Tall, Massive, Muscular Connel Equally Big & Uncut

Tall, Muscular Connell – Massive Shoulders & Equally Big Uncut One!
Connell is our biggest guy on the site; at just over 6’2 he doesn’t win the tallest prize though check out his chest size at a whopping 50 inches/ 127 cms and with a 33 inch waist he is one hunky piece! This body guard is very imposing and once he has stripped down to his briefs there is something else that is looking impressive! He has a packed full pair of briefs and when he pulls them down an uncut cock of mighty length pops into view! Connell is built everywhere and his uncut cock is more than 8 inches long and he loves pumping it real gentle. Luckily this body guard is not shy and is happy to spread his cheeks showing his almost hair free hole. A little more playing later and he lies back and dumps his straight lad cum on his abs.

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Cory Everlast Punked Muscle At NextDoorMale!

June 14th, 2015

Cory Everlast Pretty Muscle Punk



Here's a tasty, muscle bound morsel for you to enjoy. His name is Cory Everlast and he's letting you take a peek while he disrobes and fattens up his huge cock. Once chubbified, he's stroking his meat with large, tattooed arms and giving you sexy, taunting looks. Cory knows you like his bubbly ass cheeks and amazing body. This is the sexiest dude you've seen around the weight room in a while!

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Victor Wolf Man With A Big Gun At PowerMen!

March 8th, 2015



    It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Victor Wolf a man with a gun!



While Spain undergoes one of its worst recessions, the government has reduced the pay for all government employees. That includes the salary for the Guardia Civil. Young officer Victor Wolf  is not very happy about that. So Victor decided to look ambitiously for other ways to use his muscles and his gun. As long as it's secret, anything goes! His gun is loaded and ready to shoot any time. And yes … he has a lot to offer, especially in our membership section!

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Bigger Than Ever Benny Ryder At MuscleHunks!

February 3rd, 2015




Stunning Muscle Hunk Benny Ryder


Benny Ryder is here! We'd like you to meet one of the most adorable muscle men we've had the pleasure of encountering in a long time. But just because he's sweet, doesn't mean he won't throw down with the best of them. Benny takes on, not 1, not 2 but 3 muscle men! He starts out with new cummer Dante Putkov. Then, Benny takes on tough customer Tito Ortiz, followed by veteran fan favorite Yummi Cosmin! And neither Tito nor Yummi are going to go easy on Benny. Does Benny have what it takes to last? Find out for yourself in 14 HD Video Clips! Benny has a Big smile and a big set of cock and balls ! 


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Lucas Hot Euro Muscle At Badpuppy!

December 22nd, 2014


 Lucas Just Plain Hot


Lukas is just plain hot! William Higgins does it again with this absolute Adonis. He's got abs you could wash clothes on and an ass that just won't quit. He also has a huge dick and eyes that you could stare at for days, what a hunk! 

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Jay And Marco Blaze Big Dick Club At ManAvenue

November 14th, 2014

 Jay And Marco Blaze Big Dick Club


The guys over at Manavenue recently spent several days updating and moving their on-line files around and look what they found: Remember that super HOT JAY…lots of hot photos (80+) that are certain to your dick hard, just like he did the first time around. 

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Can’t Get Enough Of Claude Carroll!

November 5th, 2014

Just Can't Get Enough Of Claude Carroll!




It’s Hotter Than Ever! 

Claude Carroll

If you're like us, we can't get enough of big guy Claude Carroll


The hugely dicked, arrogant, bad-attitude muscleman Claude Carroll makes an appearance at, and he considers you lucky to get him here. As usual, bad boy kickboxer Claude would just as soon give you a black eye as talk to you on the street. But get him close and let him know – through very careful words and signals – that all you really want to do is admire the man's monster cock. Claude has a weakness for that. He just might indulge you there. In fact, he'd be glad to. Right after he's given you the black eye. ™ features dozens of real musclemen from all over the world in hot adult solo video clips. A true muscle connoisseur’s delight, inside you will find hundreds of video clips and image galleries of hot, hard, gay and straight competitive bodybuilders, musclemen, and rock-hard athletes, all photographed in beautiful exotic locations! These musclemen are practiced in the fantasy performance art of hard muscle flexing, posing and masturbation – and just the way you want to see it! Video clips available in both Windows Media Player and Quicktime formats, with extended-play versions for broadbanders!

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