Cliff Jensen, Damien Kyle Runway Groom Fucks |!

May 31st, 2019

Cliff Jensen & Damien Kyle

Runway Groom Fucks Hard!

This sexy hung groom (Cliff Jensen) isn’t looking for a wife, he’s looking for a cock to suck and a hot hole to fuck (Damien Kyle).




Nixon Charming Nice Guy Is Smokin’ Hot On SeanCody!

May 30th, 2019

Nixon Charming Nice Guy Is Smokin’ Hot! 


Nixon is an all-around nice guy with the good looks and a charming personality to go with it. He does bodybuilding so he works on his physique quite a lot, and it shows seeing as he’s in great shape!  “I try to stay lean year round, as you can see.”

He’s never hooked up with a guy, but has definitely thought about it and is open to the idea of it…which is a good thing for us!  Nixon seemed shy at some points, but that was just his innocent charm…he was actually pretty comfortable whipping out his dick to jerk off and shoot a huge load all over the place!

Take The Tour

Take The Tour


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Josh Rider Btms Raw For Marq Daniels | Lucas!

May 29th, 2019

Josh Rider Btms For Marq Daniels

100% Raw!

Lucas Entertainment exclusive model Josh Rider is sunning himself by the pool when he and fellow exclusive Marq Daniels check each other out. It’s been awhile since Marq fucked an ass, and Josh Rider is always up for sneaking away and getting pounded out bareback. Josh can’t resist the inviting sight of a big uncut cock that’s hard and ready for sucking off, so when the guys find a quiet area away from the pool and Marq reveals his raging hard on, Josh gets to work. Marq Daniels has an incredible body, and his six pack flexes as Josh swallows all eight inches of his thick uncut meat. Marq preps Josh by sucking his dick and licking his asshole before bending him over and shoving it in.




Beefy German Stud Brock Wyman At BentleyRace!

May 23rd, 2019

Beefy German Stud Brock Wyman

At BentlyRace


It’s interesting how my straight guys like getting naked in front of the camera, even when it’s another guy behind the camera. We’re glad German mate Brock Wyman had no nerves at all about getting naked in front of me when the crew visited Berlin. This beefy 22 year old was much larger than they expected. It turns out that Brock is a really nice guy and thought that some of the his poses were pretty funny. He had never done any nude modelling before, so he was a bit stiff to start. But soon enough he was naked and very comfortable. After much flexing and wanking his cock hard, Brock selected some porn on the computer and proceeded to give a very hot show. You must watch this video right to the end to see the massive cum shower Brock gives that hotel room. We can see big things in porn for this beefy new mate.

Take The Tour



  Take The Tour


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Bo Sinn Twisted Fucker And Noah Scott| Bromo!

May 21st, 2019

Bo Sinn Twisted Fucker And Noah Scott

Twisted Fucker


Slender, tattooed Bo Sinn is locked up, and horny as fuck! He’s ready to drill his massive cock inside of fit, cutie Noah Scott as soon as he enters his room. Noah sits on his face, and gets his hole drenched enough to take a pounding.


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Adonis Johan Kane & Denis Vega Straight Swap | MAP!

May 16th, 2019

Adonis Johan Kane & Denis Vega

Straight Swap!

While the rest of the world is out there chasing Pokemon, we are busy hunting down the hottest men in the world for you… and not only have we succeeded, this time we’ve hit the Jackpot!!

Following in the steps of recent discoveries like Hector de Silva, Dani Robles and Dato Foland, 28 year old blond adonis JOHAN KANE makes his world-wide porn debut right here on MENATPLAY. The 6’3 Tarzan look-alike, describes himself as ‘straight but curious’, but in his first scene with Denis Vega he’s willing to try it all, and even have his ass fucked by muscle stud Denis Vega.

But let’s be honest who really cares about labels, when he looks this hot all we want to know is when we are going to see more of Johan. Stick around for a lot more Johan very soon!


Milan, Jiri and Tibor CZECH UP | WilliamHiggins!

May 14th, 2019

Lukas Novy Stunning Euro Hunk

Milan Hornik is in for a Czech Up from Dr Tibor Rysavy and  Jiri Tucek. Milan sits on the examination chair and removes his shirt. Tibor begins his examination checking the chest. Milan is told to drop his jeans, and is embarrassed to admit he has no underwear. He gets naked and sits down again. Tibor then uses the thermometer, in Milan’s piss slit, to take his temperature. The result appears not to be conclusive so they try the thermometer in his ass as well. Then Tibor and Jiri undertake a more thorough examination. Jiri leads the way sucks on Milan’s cock. He quickly stands and drops his own pants, showing his rock hard cock. Milan takes hold of Jiri’s hard cock. Tibor kisses and nibbles Milan’s neck and then, naked to the waist, starts sucking on Milan’s big, hard cock. Tibor is hard too and rubs his big dick over Milan’s hairy leg, before going back down on his cock. Jiri takes Tibor’s big cock in his mouth and sucks his fat cock as Tibor continues sucking Milan. Then attention turns to Milan’s hot, hairy hole. With his legs up his hole is available for Jiri to loosen.  Jiri knows what Tibor really likes. Bending him over Jiri shoves his big dick deep in that hot ass. As he gets fucked Tibor sucks on Milan’s throbbing cock. Milan likes the action and soon wants to plow Tibor’s hot ass. Tibor sucks Jiri as Milan works his ass. Tibor rides Jiri’s cock hard and fast. Then Milan and Jiri wank over him. Tibor cums as well to end a very good scene.


Dakota Payne Rod Fogo Share Geordie Jacksons Cock | Lucas!

May 10th, 2019

Dakota Payne Rod Fogo Share Geordie Jacksons Cock

100% Raw!

Rod Fogo (a hot Latino with a sexy tight body) starts messing around with his fuck buddy Geordie Jackson. Geordie is a strict top daddy-in-training who loves getting his dick serviced, and guys that love sucking his cock and taking it up the ass are not in short supply. But tonight it’s Rod’s privilege. The pair moves out of the hot tub and into the vacant nighttime lobby, but call the night quits and hit the locker room before anyone shoots a load. When they see the adorable Dakota Payne, they both get horny again and continue their bareback fun. Check out Dakota taking Rod in his mouth while Geordie is breeding him in the ass from behind! Very Hot!



Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip Fuck | Cockyboys!

May 9th, 2019

Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip Fuck!

When we flew one of our regular New York CockyBoys, Tayte Hanson, up to Montreal to hang out with our guys there, we had no idea what kind of chemistry would ignite. When you're as sexuality versatile as Tayte and Allen King though, any and everything can happen. Tayte was so excited to finally spend time with Allen that the guys fooled around, sucked, and rimmed each other the night before to practice — saving their cumshots of course for the "ovation" the next day as Tayte called it. By the way their lips locked that next day, Tayte and Allen could have been mistaken for a long-term couple. Enjoy!



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Jayden Guillory Athletic Newcomer | Belami!

May 8th, 2019

Jayden Guillory Athletic Newcomer!


As we promised a couple of weeks ago, we have your second taste of Jayden Guillory.
This is another of our Art Collection photoshoots by Rick Day and forms part of our Summer Break programming. Jayden is one of the more athletic newcomers that we have seen for a while and looks like he could have stepped straight out of a professional swimming contest and in front of Rick's camera.

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!



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