Jason Crew A Big Ten At Xtra Inches.com

January 31st, 2008

Title Jason Crew At Xtra Inches

Young Jason Crew has a huge, 10 inch cock, but not only is he hung like a horse; he’s also totally hot, with college guy good looks and beautiful blue-green eyes. He has a horny time showing off his big cock for you in this solo performance which ends in a yummy cum shot.  Enjoy! 

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Mark Talon Busts A Nut

January 30th, 2008

Mark Talon At Collegedudes247.com

Mark Talon is a very sexy law student who does not mind showing us his briefs. . . and more! In this hot solo we see Mark stroke his cock for all it is worth, and you can tell he is really enjoying it. Mark works up a sweat as he rubs his chest, plays with his humongous balls and fingers his juicy cock-head. This is a great jerk-off vid, and Mark knows how to turn people on. After he has stroked it all over the couch, he delivers a nice thick load of cum – just for us!

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Introducing Jonas At Fratmen.tv

January 29th, 2008

Introducing Jonas At Fratmen.tv 

Jonas is a very warm, sweet guy. He’s lean and very athletic.  He’s got a smile that will follow him throughout life and gain him many admirers and friends.  We love the way he looks naked, the way his cock and balls hang and the expressions on his face naked.. Gotta love Jonas! Enjoy. 

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Steve Hunt In House Mates At MENATPLAY

January 27th, 2008

Steve Hunt and Erik Demko At MENATPLAY.com

When Erik returns one night to find his housemate Steve in a drunken sleep on the sofa and notices the rock hard bulge in his trousers, he finds it impossible to resist the temptation to have a quick feel. After seeing him in underwear and kwnowing what hes pakcing in his trousers, this opportunity is just too good to miss and pretty soon he unzips his suit trousers and puts his lips around Steve’s thick 9 inches. Thats until Steve wakes up and gives Erik the ass pounding he’s been craving all this time.  Enjoy!

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Road Trip, Vol 1 – Russian River

January 27th, 2008

Russian River By Falcon Studios

The Jocks Studio brand will feature young, new performers in the industry, placing them in a variety of non-scripted situations. Jocks Studios’ new series. No story. Just an RV cruisin’ around with studs brought together for pure in-your-face sex. The sexual chemistry is so hot and the tension so fierce. The road trip to end all road trips? Nope. Just the fuckin’ beginnin’!

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Paulo At LatinJocks.com

January 27th, 2008

Introducing Paulo At LatinJocks.com

 LatinJocks presents PAULO! Paulo is 26 years old and is a professional fitness trainer. He works out daily and, boy, does it show!  He’s got an beautiful sculpted body, bubble butt and a delicious uncut cock. Enjoy. 

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Carlos From Mexico City At MiamiBoyz.com

January 27th, 2008

Introducing Carlos At MiamiBoyz.com

"Carlos is from Mexico City. He is currently living in the US as a student studying business. He’s 19, 5′ 10", 140, and has a nice 7 inch cut cock. He’s also got a hot bubble butt! He enjoys swimming, running, and loves to party! He’s straight but always wanted to show off his hot body (check out that 6 pack) on a porn site so MiamiBoyz jumped at the chance to feature him! You will see this hot Latin boy ONLY on MiamiBoyz!"  Enjoy. 

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JD And Tamas At Xtra Inches

January 25th, 2008

Title: JD and Tamas
Cast: JD Kollin, Tamas Eszterhazy

Ever had a wrestling fantasy? I know I sure have, and this release featuring JD Kollin and Tamas Eszterhazy wrestling around in their skin-tight singlet’s works a treat. Tamas has an amazing muscle-bound body and a big fat cock. Sweaty from wrestling, the real action begins with Tamas taking JD’s boner and ends with these men big dick pumping each other to a climax, which spills onto the wrestling mat.

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Manifesto Scene 6 At Rear Stable

January 25th, 2008

Title: Manifesto – Scene 6
Cast: Remy Delaine

Poor Remy! Gee life must be hard when you look so good! Ah, were sure he manages to struggle-on each day! Thank you for letting us watch you here, you by yourself, privately stroking your massive meat without distraction, its candy to our eyes and elixir for our cocks. 

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Axel At Sea At ManAvenue.com

January 24th, 2008


Introducing Axel At ManAvenue.com

The guys over at ManAvenue passed Axel on his scooter a few weeks ago and did an immediate u-turn to chase him down. He had been out of town for several months visiting relatives in Europe, and they were glad to see him because they thought he had moved away. The conversation quickly turned to ManAvenue and he asked if he could join the guys on the boat the next time they went out. Let’s see…beautiful man, nice day, nice boat, beautiful man naked on the boat. Dicks getting hard just thinking about seeing him naked. Axel always plays to the camera. He is fucking hot and he knows it. He (like alot of the guys on the site) seem to get so turned on when the camera  starts rolling.  "Axel at Sea" is ManAvenue’s first full-length video (and not clips) available to stream or download (still in WMV and iPod formats).  In the meantime, get naked and enjoy "Axel at Sea"! 

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