Super Hung Kayden Gray Topped By Gio Cruz!!

March 28th, 2015


Kayden Gray & Gio Cruz


Kayden Gray is new to the office and doesn’t know many people yet, so he’s been taking his lunches alone. This works out to his benefit, because it gives Gio Cruz plenty of opportunity to check out the fresh meat and entice him away for a passionate hook-up. And that’s exactly what happens: Kayden is seduced by Gio, who takes charge of the bottom after he him into a private area he uses to fuck his men. Kayden works on Gio’s hard Latin cock long and hard before puckering his beautiful little hole for a fucking, and Gio doesn’t disappoint. Kayden moans with each thrust and flips his positions around to feel Gio’s fat cock all kinds of ways. The best part is watching Kayden’s cock flop until it shoots every last drop of cum!

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Brady Jensen Takes On Kevin Crows!

March 28th, 2015


Brady Jensen Meets Kevin Crows

At Cocksuremen


Blond, blue-eyed mega-hunk Brady Jensen is sitting up in bed, looking at photos on his iPad, remembering a day of naked fun on the beach with his ripped boyfriend Kevin Crows (who just happens to be sound asleep right next to him). Not for long. Brady wakes him up gently and looking at the photos together, they decide to re-enact the sun-soaked fuck they had that day. Starting with a soft kiss, the two impossibly handsome guys are quickly all over each other, touching, kissing passionately and sucking each other’s big dicks until Kevin slides his rock-hard cock into Brady’s waiting hole, first on his side, then from behind, finally laying Brady down on his back and slamming him hard until they're both covered in cum. Kevin leans forward and kisses Brady, both satisfied that their “re-make” was just as good as the original.

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New Hot Action Update From NextDoorMale!

March 28th, 2015

 Johnny T On

Sensuality, hot chiseled body and HARD BIG dick nice scene.

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 Patrick Kennedy On

 Patrick pulls out his big fat wood and gives it a good stroking for us!

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Zeb Atlas Tops Colby Jansen In Tour Of Duty!

March 27th, 2015

 Zeb Atlas Plows Colby Janson

Tour Of Duty


Colby Jansen bottoms for Zeb Atlas in part 1 of TOUR OF DUTY, a hot new series from Gay porn's beefiest studs are together at last and the action is every bit as hot as you could imagine. Colby's bubble butt takes a rough pounding from Zeb Atlas' huge cock.

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American In Prague 3 D Continues On Belami!!

March 25th, 2015

 American In Prague 3 D Continues!

Mick Lovell, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset & Scott Reeves

 A Exclusive 


Enjoy a sneak peak at some scenes to come later on BelAmiOnline that include many of your favorites: Mick Lovell, Jim Kerouac, Todd Rosset & newbie Scott Reeves


You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Lachlan Big Fat Uncut And Raw LucasEntertainment!

March 24th, 2015

Michael Lachlan, Seth Treston, Addison Graham

Unsuited And Raw!

A LucasEntertainment Exclusive

Sizzling HOT!

Michael Lachlan always looks good no matter what: in athletic clothes, a suit, naked — well, he's preferred to be naked. His face is handsome, his body is incredible, and the big fat uncut cock he has between his legs is a killer. And it's this battering ram that Seth Treston and Addison Graham want to play with, and play with it they do! They guys go back and forth over who will get to take a ride on it first, and who can blame them?

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Big Muscle Stud Tom Lansing At NextDoorHookups!

March 24th, 2015

Big Muscle Stud Tom Lansing In Head Doctor!



Tom Lansing has an unfortunate injury from playing soccer with the guys, so he finds himself in Darcy Tyler’s check up room, as the doctor examines him. Checking his groin for signs of tear, she finds no permanent damage, but finds Tom’s member growing. Tom’s cock feels warm and it swells to massive proportions as she tightens her grip. Surprised but not deterred, Tom slides his hand underneath her scrubs and feels his way up and down the side of her body as she bends over and begins to suck at the head of Tom’s cock. Half naked, she slides her pants off and begins rubbing Tom’s cock against her breasts, pre-cum drizzling out on her nipples as she rises up to mounts Tom’s rock hard dick. Riding him on the examination table he seems to check out, and as he turns her over and fucks her hard from behind, spraying her down with his frothy load, she is sure Tom’s cock is just fine.

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Trevor Classical Fratboy Good Looks And Muscle!

March 24th, 2015

 Trevor Classical Fratboy Good Looks And Muscle

At All New Fratmen.TV


Fratmen Trevor is a hot bodybuilder hunk that loves to lift weights, and we can clearly see in when we look at his stunning, muscular body. Our bodybuilder frat boy is an amazing as he sits shirtless poolside. When Trevor realizes he is alone, he decides to start playing with his cock. After a little bit of play time, our frat boy loses his shorts and starts seriously jerking his dick. Trevor looks intense as he tenses up and cums.

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Marco Vega Massive Cock With Good Looks!

March 23rd, 2015

Marco Vega Editors Choice Classic Hung Good Looks!

A ManAvenue Exclusive!


This week's editor's choice features Marco Blaze (aka Marco Vega). With his charming good-looks PLUS a gigantic cock, we felt it was time to induct him into this category.

When the guys at first met Marco, they sat in a sunny spot watching pedestrians pass us on a beautiful winter day in the Magic City of Miami. While Marco had done some adult work in the past, he was by no means the "star" that he would become shortly after that meeting several years ago. Before parting that initial meeting Marco leaned in (handsome devil) and said "I just wanted to tell you that my cock is rather large". The guys just laughed as they had heard that line before …

WELL! He wasn't kidding !!! When they finally met again on the boat, and he dropped his shorts, it was all they could do to keep from gasping aloud. He was a true exhibitionist, and loved showing off his huge dick to the cameras, but he was also a very nice guy and so fucking cute, to top it off. He has since gone on to do great things for some European and West Coast studios, but we think he has settled down, finished his college degree and gone into hiding !!!

A picture speaks a thousand words, we hope you enjoy our "Editor's Choice" of Marco Blaze. If you see him on the street, tell him we love him greatly.

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Samuel O’ Toole’s Fat Cock At NextDoorMale

March 22nd, 2015

Samuel O' Toole's Fat Cock


You all couldn't get enough of Samuel O'Toole's fat cock, so we gave in to your requests and brought the dark hair hung stud back for some more action, here at NextDoorMale.

Samuel walks into the scene with nothing more on than his shoes, his shirt and a jock strap and it only gets better when he pulls out his friend the FleshLight and uses it to stimulate his hard cock until it explodes all over the place.  Enjoy! 

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