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October 23rd, 2022

Bigger Better Benny Ryder Now!



We’d like you to meet one of the most adorable muscle men we’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. Benny has a real tough muscle man’s body, yet he has a sweet, innocent looking youngster’s face. This charming young man enjoys everything you’d expect a young bodybuilder to enjoy. He keeps himself physically fit with his workouts and a little swimming and cycling. When he’s unwinding, Benny likes nothing more than a little adoration from the gay muscle worshippers.

Benny is sweet and relaxed but doesn’t stay that way throughout your live show with him. Benny stays hard and when you see him flex his muscles you’ll  wish you were there with him. 

 Benny Got Bigger!!



The Delgado Brothers Only On MuscleGallery

January 28th, 2011


The Delgado Brothers Only On MuscleGallery

Sneak Preview Meet Jonny Delgado

Jonny Delgado might look familiar to you – he’s the younger brother of MuscleGallery Model Ricardo Delgado. We think Jonny is spectacularly hot!  We will find out more about Jonny and report back to you ASAP!  

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What Is

MuscleGallery has been a constant enrichment for the fans of bodybuilders and male muscle models worldwide. Unlike others, travels the world to find you the most exceptional athletes, currently representing 40 different nations. Many World Champions, IFBB Pro Bodybuilders and magazine cover models are first seen spectacular location shots throughout the world. doesn’t sign just any athlete; only the best are good enough. MG’s members can enjoy an enormous library of original and unique video clips in all formats and spectacular image galleries.


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  Meet Big Brother Ricardo Delgado


Ricardo Delgado is probably the best-known contemporary Mexican bodybuilder. Although he has been competing for several years, he is less known for his competitive record, than for his good looks and appeal. One of the top Musclemania competitors of the last few seasons, he is also a former Chippendale dancer, which shows in the extraordinary seductiveness he exhibited in the dance sequence we shot with him.

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Kaden At

April 18th, 2010

Introducing Kaden At

Do you like guys in the military?  Or even that military look!  Well, if so, here’s a new site you’ll enjoy. is full of really, hot military types.  Studs and sweethearts just waiting to melt your butter lol.  This is a fresh, fun site.  Enjoy! 

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More of Kaden At Active Duty!


Kaden In Scene 2 Pullin’ Rank At!

This week Active Duty has yet another new release streaming for members, along with eight other full-length movies. Scene 2 of Pullin’ Rank is a foursome of some of the most gorgeous military amateurs you’ll ever see! Kaden is muscular blonde-haired, blue-eyed perfection, the All-American wet dream! Brian, was always a delicious brunette with a great smile, but now that he’s been working out more, he’s even more of a hunk. Colt is the sexy and wild new recruit that requested Thomas rein him in with his belt in the first scene, and Trent is the cute Marine that’s really enjoying himself after a 9 month deployment. The last 2 bottom for the first two, with lots of hot cock-sucking and all of them shoot huge loads all over Colt! Check it out!

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Muscle Stud David Taylor In Port Of Entry!

April 14th, 2010

Muscle Stud David Taylor In Port Of Entry



Muscle stud David Taylor has no time to be subtle, pushing Bruno to his knees and getting him to suck voraciously on his cock to get things rolling in this video. Before long, David’s balls demand Bruno’s attention as well. He pulls Bruno up for a passionate kiss, then pushes him down into his chair for a chance at his dick. David complies with his boss’ desire and bends him over the desk, giving his all to Brunos hairy hole. David grabs Brunos hips and rides his boss, pounding him hard and long. He then flips him on his back until he unleashes his cum all over his hairy stomach. Then it’s David’s turn to unleash his pent up load all over his kneeling boss’ chin and chest. 

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COLT’s RIPPED No Pain All Gain Scene 4!

April 13th, 2010


COLT’s RIPPED No Pain All Gain Scene 4!



COLT Man Nate Karlton tops COLT Man Gage Weston 

With all these COLT men in one movie, the sexual energy permeates the air. And when COLT Men Nate Karlton and Gage Weston find themselves together in the same room… well, lets just hope the fire extinguishers are near by.

Nate pounces on top of Gage and smothers him with a hot and passionate kiss. Gage’s sex drive flips ion like a switch into hyper drive as he kisses back with the same hungry passion. AS they strip away each others clothes, Nate helps himself to greedy handfuls of Gage’s rock hard cock and perfect ass.

Getting down to serious business they feed each other their raging cocks, cock above and cock below… cock, in every juicy direction.

Nate positions Gage right where he wants him, turning him around on the couch Nate feasts on Gage’s hot muscled ass. Probing with his tongue and fingers he works that hole, getting it ready and willing for what they both know comes next.

Rock hard and ready to fuck, Gage climbs up on top of Nate’s raging hard cock and slams his ass down hard. It’s all out fucking, hard and wild, right out of the gate. Deep, hard and in every position imaginable, Nate and Gage POWER fuck. Nate pummels that ass and Gage takes every hard pounding inch like a real man. Back on top, Gage rides that cock over the edge, jacking himself off in a thick gushing load of hot cum. Nate fires back and explodes his own hot geyser of cum all over Gage’s heaving torso.

Sweaty and winded and drenched in cum… did you expect things to end up any other way?’s all-new look and enhanced usability bring the true COLT experience online for the first time with such features as:

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– HD-quality videos that bring the DVD experience online

– Hundreds of two-minute trailers for every scene

– An enhanced search engine allowing searches by niche, category and brand

– A favorites list that enables users to personalize their selection of videos

– Hundreds of big, bold, high-def photo galleries from the COLT vaults

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Talk about archives!  Talk about the best of Masculine Photography and Action!

 Talk COLTStudios!

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Click Here to view Ripped XXX preview clips

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Brutus Di Fino Sneak Preview On MuscleHunks!

April 10th, 2010

Brutus di Fino Sneak Preview On!

We think Brutus di Fino looks a little like….welll….George of the Jungle. Think about it. Remember that hunky, handsome young vine-swingin’, tree-slammin’ hero? And didn’t you want to see what he had going on under that loincloth? Now’s your chance…..just add about 100 pounds on solid, ripped muscle, and you can latch onto our boy Geo–er, Brutus – lift that flimsy little cloth and get a look at the powerful, slick engine that makes it all run! This outing, Brutus is found thumbing through (get this ) a French tourism magazine, which somehow zaps his limited memory back to recent days in a luxury suite, entertaining a safari benefactor. So… – you get TWO Brutus scenes, for the price of one! Check out our vine-swinger now!


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Check to see the schedule for All Live Muscle Appearances  

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Adrian A Star Has Arrived At

April 2nd, 2010


Adrian A Star Has Arrived At 

Height: 5′ 9"
Build: Muscular
Waist: 30
Weight: 170 lbs
Cock: 7" Uncut
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
Shoe: 11

Adrian is a guy that CF first made contact with awhile back, and yet it seemed to take forever before they were finally able to get him out here for a shoot! With school and a very busy athletics schedule, he always had something going on that got in the way of coming out to film a video with CF.


When he finally did make it out to film his solo, it was a bit of a surprise! Out of nowhere, CF got a call from him saying, "Hey! Can I do my shoot tomorrow?".  "Yes! Let’s do it!".

Now that you’ve seen Adrian, you can see why CF was so eager to work with him! He’s a total stud – a stellar athlete, an amazing body, awesome eyes, and an incredible face. Sexy as all hell, in fact. Even his voice and smile are thoroughly endearing – just watch his reaction when Pete asks him about the first time he had sex! Indeed, he readily and eagerly smiles throughout his solo, winning me over more and more each time.

We certainly hope we’ll be seeing more of this hottie.

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