Girth Brooks & Cole Streets At ExtraBigDicks

August 23rd, 2015

Girth Brooks & Cole Streets

At ExtraBigDicks!

Girth Brooks is back on and he’s gonna put that Extra Thick Dick to good use on every hole Cole Streets has – and maybe even carve some new ones with that mighty formidable, take no prisoners, very girthy dick. 31 year old, San Franciscoan Cole is in for a real treat. Soon their hands are roaming over their furry chests and abs which leads to a lot more. Cole wastes no time and gets Girth down to his briefs and starts stroking the massive python that’s struggling to escape its cotton confines. Finally he hauls girth’s thick cock out and stares at it in awe. Its rock hard, thick as club and every inch the cock he’d been hoping for. Cole immediately goes to work shoving as much of that cock in his mouth. Cole’s jaws struggle to accommodate Girth’s thick cock. Cole gets on his knees between Girth’s sexy thighs to suck on that cock some more. He wants to get that dick hard as a rock so he can get it deep inside him. Once Girth’s cock is throbbing, Cole straddles that dick and sits right down on it. Girth just holds still as his fat cock makes its way inside Cole’s tight ass. Cole grimaces as he takes that cock deep and starts to ride it as best he can. Girth then moves him over to the couch where he has more control over that hot ass he’s now fucking. He slides that beer can dick back into Cole and goes to town. Girth slams that meat all the way inside as Cole moans and begs for more.


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Wagner And Diego Hot Love And Good Sex Part I!

April 8th, 2015

Wagner And Diego Hot Love And Good Sex Part I!

Exclusive Men Of LucasKazan


Wagner is lucky when it comes to… boyfriends. You first met pretty Leo on LucasKazan. Then muscle man Thomas. It's now Diego's turn and –in Wagner's own words– "he's the one!". Wagner has bulked up at the gym to match Diego's muscular build. Both are strikinglyhandsome, hung, athletic. And yes, madly in love with each other. The sex? You ask madly passionate!


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Adelio Senna Raw, Hairy Muscle At PowerMen

April 12th, 2014


Adelio Senna Raw And Hairy At PowerMen!

 Hairy musclefireplug Adelio Senna has already made his mark at MUSCLEHUNKS.COM, where he entertained the troops with beach wrestling with Felipe Gigante and two explicit scenes. But somehow, we knew you just haven't had quite enough of our tough, hairy-chested powerhouse. Well, Adelio's come back to play, and this time he's next door neighbor to Mauricio Pimento, who based some of his own fantasies on our aloof-seeming bodybuilder/shortstop. Not quite all of Adelio is so short – after all…you know what they say about hairy men with big feet. After all.

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John Magnum Pounds Phillip Aubrey At Dominic Ford!

August 18th, 2012

JOHN MAGNUM Pounds Phillip Aubrey


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Dominic writes from from Fort Lauderdale.  He can't wait for us to see the scene he just shot.  But, until then, we are excited to share with you this week's scene.  It stars uber-hottie JOHN MAGNUM.  Dominic has  been wanting to work with John for a while, and when he stopped by the studio, it was ON!

They brought in Phillip Aubry, last scene in their boyfriend series (with bf Spencer Reed).  They thought it would be a great pairing. Boy, was it! These two boys are so hot for each other. It really shows in the scene.

Plus, if you are a fan of John (or Phillip), you can experience them in a whole new way if you watch the 3D version. You can practically reach out and touch them. Remember, Dominic Ford 3D movies work on any TV or monitor. And, if you have a new 3D TV, there is a special format just for those TVs (and the 3D TV versions are beyond amazing)….

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Damon Danilo As Hot As It Gets At MarkWolff!

March 1st, 2012

Damon Danilo As Hot As It Gets


Mark has been wanting to shoot Damon for several years now! He just couldn’t  get his schedule to match his equally crazy travel plans. Finally last month he caught a quick flight to Vegas and shot one of his hottest videos ever! Watch the enormously hung Damon hit the showers after a hard workout and slowly peel off his skin tight trunks. Don’t let those blue eyes fool you. Damon is all business when it comes to getting that huge tool serviced.

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Jason In The Torture Chair At MENATPLAY!

September 15th, 2011

Jason Torres in the Torture Chair


This week we welcomeBirtish hunk Jason Torres to our collection of hot Menatplay hunks. And as you know by now we like our men to be REAL MEN, and we know you do too. And Jason certainly ticks every box! With his sexy hairy body, chiseled jaw and piercing gaze its enough to make you go weak at the knees. Which is just as well beacuse just one glance of his juicy uncut cock pocking thourgh his suit trousers and all youll want to do is drop to your knees quicker than you can say ‘Yes Sir!’. And with this being his big Menatplay debut we wanted to make sure it wasnt one he would easily forget, so we suited him up and bound him down while we tested how much of a man he really was. And let me tell you he didnt disappoint. If real men are your thing, this is one you simply cannot miss.


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Logan McCree & Alexy Tyler Hotter Than Hell!

July 12th, 2011

Logan McCree & Alexy Tyler Hotter Than Hell!


The tattooed tool of Logan McCree is at it again in this new one-on-one with Alexy Tyler. The European stud shoves his hot cock deep into Alexy’s hole and Alexy looks so stunning lying back taking it all inside him as his ripped abs flex in response to the deep anal.

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Muscle Stud Kobe Cash Is Back At VideoBoys!

April 17th, 2011

Muscle Stud Kobe Cash Is Back

At VideoBoys 

Kobe’s Workout!

Young muscle stud Kobe Cash is back with us for an in depth look at his body in action. Kobe has started into a very intense 90 workout program and he can’t wait to get his clothes off and show us just what his workout has done for all aspects of his body, and he proceeds to show us some of his exercises. We can tell he’s excited by this program because he gets a hard-on while he’s pumping his muscles. Kobe does have one body part that’s fat though: his cock. So he shows us about wrist stabilizers and wrist endurance through jerking on that cock.

Let’s be honest! Kobe is one of the hottest young studs around!

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COLT Man Aaron Cage Thick Muscled

April 12th, 2011

COLT Man Aaron Cage Thick Muscled Stud

In the finest COLT Tradition of Hirsute, Masculine, Thick-Muscled and 100% Genuine Men… we give you COLT Man Aaron Cage.

Outdoors, flexing and showing off his furry torso, Aaron greets you with a smile and devilish look in his eye. Letting his hands go where they feel best, Aaron gets in the mood to give you a special one-on-one experience. Slowly stripping, flexing and grabbing at the growing bulge in his pants, he takes his time to let you appreciate the total package.

Naked in the hot sun, he shows you all his best parts, especially that thick piece of meat dangling between his legs.

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Jacopo Pro Stripper Works It At LucasKazan!

March 10th, 2011

Jacopo Pro Stripper Works It

At LucasKazan! 

Jacopo is 28. A professional stripper, he knows how to work his audience and how to keep it hard. He considers himself "mostly" straight, but not narrow. "One never knows," he jokes. Now, what is it about Italians and pissing fantasies? Jacopo is the latest in a series of applicants admitting to it. On camera!

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