Chandler And Harper Flip Fuck | CorbinFisher!

June 9th, 2024

Chandler is rock hard – and Harper is doing his best to deep throat Chandler’s massive cock. Both of these guys always have a lot of fun in bed – but once they get serious, they get intense as well! They 69 each other, sucking and rimming, until Harper’s ready to ride Chandler’s dick.

Harper loves it, then turns around and slams his cock into Chandler. They flip again, with Chandler pounding Harper on the sofa. Chandler was digging that prostate stimulation, so he slides his fingers into his own ass as he fucks Harper.  Chandler blows his load into Harper’s mouth, who sucks Chandler’s dick dry. Harper fucks Chandler again, until he blows his load into Chandler’s mouth


Luke Seeds Hugh | CorbinFisher!

July 25th, 2023


Luke Seed’s Hugh’s Hole Raw!

Hugh and Luke explore each other’s bodies and feast on each other’s dicks. Grinding on top of Luke, Hugh wets Luke’s cock and slides it into him. They stay in full contact, pressing their bodies close, making out and genuinely get into the moment.

Hugh’s wonderfully toned body is on full display as he goes to work, grinding and sliding up and down Luke’s hard cock. Flipping to the side, the kissing continues. Luke changes the tempo around and it’s obvious that Hugh loves it. Luke fucks Hugh in doggy style and then they switch to missionary so that they can get the full view of their bodies and expressions. Getting closer and closer to cumming, Hugh pulls Luke into him to get all of his cock while he unloads all over himself. Unable to hold back any longer, Luke shoots his full load deep into Hugh!



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William And Aiden’s Hot Morning Fuck | CorbinFisher!

March 7th, 2023

William And Aiden’s Hot Morning Fuck!

Many of you have been missing Aiden, no doubt!  Well here you can see him get fucked by a super hung cock!  We know William is a super top with a big cock; we know Aiden loves to get fucked and goes wild with a dick in his ass.  You absolutely have to see the load Aiden blows here, with William’s fat dick pounding his hole.  Aiden completely loses it and drenches his ripped chest in cum!  Then, he gets his face totally drenched in William’s load! It’s the lean, tall, big-dicked stud and the buff, muscular, and likewise big-dicked hunk going at it!


William Fills Up Quinn Raw | CorbinFisher!

December 6th, 2022

William Fills Up Quinn

100% Raw!


When CF gest a hot, young, big-dicked model on board, it doesn’t take long to start thinking about who they can have him fuck, and this was as true with William as anyone!

Once they saw just how in to guy/guy action William was and what a stud he could be on camera, the desire to see him unleash that beautiful cock on as many of his fellow CF studs as possible only grew – and Quinn immediately came to mind as a candidate to take on William and his dick!


Connor Gives Cort His First Fuck | CorbinFisher!

August 14th, 2021

When Cort showed up to CF they pegged him as a guy that might be interested in guy/guy action, but wouldn’t actually go that far. The question was would he bottom? He’d already met Connor, of course and let everyone know that if anyone was going to do it, he’d love for it to be Connor (seriously – who wouldn’t want Connor to be their first top?)  Connor always has a great time breaking in a bottom. He takes great care of everyone he gets in bed with, but with the newbies, he has an uncanny sense of what they want or need.

Connor fucks a big load out of Cort. Cum sprays all over Cort’s abs and chest. Connor pulls out and shoots his load into Cort’s mouth. Cort sucks Connor’s dick dry.


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Travis Climbs Dalton Mountain | CF

January 6th, 2016

CTravis Climbs Dalton Moutain!


If you're going to climb the mountain – you need your best mountain climber! And for the mountain of muscle named Dalton, there's no question we needed Travis' special skills.

Travis laughed excitedly as I asked him if he'd heard the rumors about Dalton packing heat. As built as Travis is, he looked dwarfed sitting beside the chiseled slab of rock Dalton seems to be carved from. Travis laughs and says, "The guys just seem to get bigger and bigger." But Travis is always up for a big challenge.

He kisses Dalton and rubs his massive chest and cut abs. He asks Dalton to flex his bicep. You can almost hear the cartoon sound effects of a steel spring snapping as Dalton flexes. Travis worships that big gun with his tongue, before moving downward to taste the other "big gun." He unbuttons Dalton's pants and frees the monster

from its hiding place. Travis says, "Corbin wasn't lying." As he sucks on it, he exclaims, "Holy shit! It just keeps growing!" But Travis opens up to the experience and manages to get most of Dalton's dick down his throat… and the fun begins!

EYES Brown
HEIGHT 6' 4"
WEIGHT 215 lbs
HAIR Brown
BUILD Muscular
COCK 9.25" Cut

AGE 25
EYES Brown
HEIGHT 5' 10"
WEIGHT 145 lbs
HAIR Black
BUILD Athletic
COCK 7.5" Cut



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Justin Sexy Surfer At CorbinFisher!

April 28th, 2012

Justin Is One Sexy Surfer At CorbinFisher!

Justin spends a lot of time at the beach and in the water. He told us he learned to surf “from scratch,” and has been at it for five or six years now. And yes …he’s had sex at the beach – and in the daytime. Unfortunately, it was a secluded area and no one was around to see it.  But now you can! Enjoy.


 Take the tour


 Take the tour


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Fun Loving Hottie Cain At CorbinFisher

January 17th, 2012

 Introducing Cain At! 

As Pete tells Cain at the outset of their interview, "I think you’ll be pretty popular on the site!". We’d have to agree with Pete! Cain has a great personality, a handsome face, and a hot body – all factors that make him a great addition to CF!  Cain has a winning smile that you’ll see quite a lot of, as he readily breaks out in to it as often as he can. He’s an upbeat, fun-loving guy and despite being young when he first joined  CF, was comfortable and ready to have himself some fun!

His chest and arms are particularly impressive, and he spends a whole lot of time working on both of them in the gym. As he peels of his shirt, we see a couple great pecs, nicely defined abs, buff arms, and an all-around great upper body! As the pants come off, we see his defined legs (those thighs look great, in particular!). He even warns us that we’ll likely be pleased with his ass, and that’s certainly the case as he pulls down those boxerbriefs! All the girls that have complimented his ass were right!

 Take the XXX tour now


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Connor Tops Austin At!

September 27th, 2010

Connor Tops Austin At! 

Check out Connor as he has Austin on his shoulders, legs in the air, prepping his hole with his fingers and tongue.   We never thought we would get to see Connor rimming another guy’s ass so deep and so eagerly!

Austin And Connor At

By this point, the guys didn’t just want to fuck. They wanted to really FUCK! After Austin asks for it, Connor buries his dick into Austin’s hole – and then proceeds to pull it all the way out and plunge it back in a few times before settling into a fast, hard motion.  This is CorbinFisher at it’s best. Two hot muscled hunks in raw slendor!

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now


   Click here to take the CF XXX tour now

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Taylor Southern Charm With Big Dick On CF!

May 4th, 2010

Taylor Southern Charm With Big Dick On CF!

As most of you know we don’t normally post twinks but this young stud is worth a look.  Taylor is a CF fan. He figured he’d send an application. With that hot face, those great eyes, and that tight body, he certainly had what it took to go from fan to model!

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he also has a big, thick dick either! Taylor has a sexy southern accent that the guys knew would go over well! What they couldn’t tell from his application was just what a hot pair of eyes he had. Piercing blue in fact.

Back to that big dick of his, though! Taylor says he’s more of a top, which works out well as he’s definitely equipped for that! He’s not opposed to bottoming, of course, but might as well take advantage of having that thick dick between his legs! By the end of his solo, he’s stroked a huge load out of it! Enjoy!

AGE 20
HEIGHT 5′ 9"
WEIGHT 143 lbs
HAIR Brown
BUILD Swimmers
COCK 7.5" Thick Cut

Click here to take the CF XXX tour now


 Click here to take the CF XXX tour now


Get Off Now With Hot, Hung, Horny Muscle LIVE!! 


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