CTravis Climbs Dalton Moutain!


If you're going to climb the mountain – you need your best mountain climber! And for the mountain of muscle named Dalton, there's no question we needed Travis' special skills.

Travis laughed excitedly as I asked him if he'd heard the rumors about Dalton packing heat. As built as Travis is, he looked dwarfed sitting beside the chiseled slab of rock Dalton seems to be carved from. Travis laughs and says, "The guys just seem to get bigger and bigger." But Travis is always up for a big challenge.

He kisses Dalton and rubs his massive chest and cut abs. He asks Dalton to flex his bicep. You can almost hear the cartoon sound effects of a steel spring snapping as Dalton flexes. Travis worships that big gun with his tongue, before moving downward to taste the other "big gun." He unbuttons Dalton's pants and frees the monster

from its hiding place. Travis says, "Corbin wasn't lying." As he sucks on it, he exclaims, "Holy shit! It just keeps growing!" But Travis opens up to the experience and manages to get most of Dalton's dick down his throat… and the fun begins!

EYES Brown
HEIGHT 6' 4"
WEIGHT 215 lbs
HAIR Brown
BUILD Muscular
COCK 9.25" Cut

AGE 25
EYES Brown
HEIGHT 5' 10"
WEIGHT 145 lbs
HAIR Black
BUILD Athletic
COCK 7.5" Cut


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