Aiden Creams Braydens Hot Hole | CorbinFisher!

September 9th, 2023

Aiden Creams Braydens Hot Hole!



It’s been several months since we’ve seen some Aiden action  at CF, but he’s back and the action here is oh so worth the wait!  It’d be hard to find two better personalities to team up than Aiden and Brayden. These guys are fun-loving, friendly, easy-going, and share so many interests they get along great.

It’s not just their personalities that are a great match, though – they’re contrasting physiques end up working perfectly together to make the action here overflow with so much hot imagery! First, there’s Aiden’s huge cock thrusting in and out of Brayden’s mouth, Brayden doing all he can to swallow as much of it as possible. Then, there’s Aiden’s muscular, powerful frame overpowering Brayden’s lean and tight body. Notice the look on their faces throughout this pairing – these guys wanted this, and wanted it bad!

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Nixon Deep Pounds Brendan Raw | SeanCody!

August 5th, 2019

Dixon Deep Pounds Brendan Raw!


Brendan is back after a little of an absence, “Just needed a break…haha then I saw some hot guys and decided to come back.”  He needed a proper welcoming, so Nixon was more than happy to give Brendan’s bubble butt a good pounding!



Nixon Charming Nice Guy Is Smokin’ Hot On SeanCody!

May 30th, 2019

Nixon Charming Nice Guy Is Smokin’ Hot! 


Nixon is an all-around nice guy with the good looks and a charming personality to go with it. He does bodybuilding so he works on his physique quite a lot, and it shows seeing as he’s in great shape!  “I try to stay lean year round, as you can see.”

He’s never hooked up with a guy, but has definitely thought about it and is open to the idea of it…which is a good thing for us!  Nixon seemed shy at some points, but that was just his innocent charm…he was actually pretty comfortable whipping out his dick to jerk off and shoot a huge load all over the place!

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Trent Ferris & Marco Montgomery | NakedSword!

May 8th, 2017

Trent Ferris And Marco Montgomery


 Trent Ferris suffers a severe beat down and decides to split so innocent Marco Montgomery decides to tag along. Marco wants to lick Trent's wounds and his nice thick cock. The dirty garage floor becomes the perfect place for these two studs to take out their sexual frustrations on each other. Its not long before both Greasers are shooting ropes of hot jizz.




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Introducing Jock Men Live – A New Kind Of Live Cams!

September 27th, 2015

Introducing A New Kind Of Live Cams!


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Hot Nicholas

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We think not!  Not only do thhey feature the world's hunkiest men live, they feature an extensive, ever-growing collection of all-new photos, video, and private galleries of all their great masculine webcam stars!

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Jarek Tops Aidan Bareback On SeanCody!

August 9th, 2015


Jarek Tops Aidan Bareback! 

At Sean Cody


 Jarek has really come a long way since Sean first met him. One of the things that is amazing is Jarek's evolving penchant for cream pies!  “I really like cumming in a guy’s ass,” Jarek admitted.  Aidan laughed and kind of wiggled his butt a little. It was obvious he was excited.

“What is it you like the most?” Sean asked. “Man, when you cum it’s just so intense,” he said. “It’s almost too much.” “I agree,” Aidan said with a big smile on his face.  “I also like to see the cum leak out,” Jarek said. “That’s hot too!”  The other thing that about Jarek is that he’s a fuck machine. He had Aidan’s ass up in the air in no time.  This is a hot one guys. Enjoy!

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Big Dicked Brooks And Ryan BAREBACK At SeanCody!

July 19th, 2015

Big Dick Brooks And Ryan Bareback! 

All New Sean Cody


“Holy shit!” Ryan said with a look of amazement. “Holy shit!” I just laughed. I knew what he was trying to say. “Wow,” he said. “That’s the biggest dick I’ve ever seen!” He had been hot tubbing with Brooks on a rainy, misty afternoon. It was really romantic, but all Ryan could focus on was Brooks’ huge cock!  “I cannot wait to sit on that thing…” he said.  Brooks was also excited. “He’s got a really nice ass!” he said. “This is going to be fun!”Now I knew that Ryan, who is a power bottom, would not have ANY difficulty taking Brooks. But, I still wanted to “check in” occasionally. “It feels amazing!” he said the first time. “I feel dizzy,” he said the second time. “But in a good way!” And on the third time, after Brooks dumped a load in his ass… It was simply “Wow!”

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Carlos Latin Heart Throb At Sean Cody!

May 16th, 2015

Carlos Latin Heart Throb!

At Sean Cody


Carlos is a very cool, laid-back, mellow guy. Sean could tell that he was just taking it all in. “What’s your background?” Sean asked to break the ice. “I’m half Puerto Rican, half Dominican,” he replied.

He said that he was born in the United States and has lived here all his life, but he has extended family all over the Caribbean. “Are all the guys in your family as muscular as you?” He laughed. “Yeah, most of them are!”

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Kent Feeds Cain A Big Load At CorbinFisher!

November 17th, 2014

Kent Feeds Cain A Big Load

At CorbinFisher!


Kent is an extremely passionate guy, about sex, studying – everything. He jokes around but once his clothes come off – watch out! So it's no surprise that when these two studs get together, they were all over each other like hungry wolves! The shirts fly off and Cain kisses all over Kent's body. Kent's the same, eager to get into Cain's pants and stroke his cock.


HEIGHT 5′ 8" WEIGHT 166 lbs HAIR Brown 
BUILD Muscular COCK 7.5" Uncut SHOE 9


HEIGHT 5' 9" WEIGHT 160 lbs HAIR Blonde
BUILD Athletic COCK 6.5" Cut SHOE 9

Kent slides his dick into Cain. He pounds away at Cain's ass, pushing Cain's feet over his head. Cain smacks Kent's ass as Kent fucks him. Cain gets on top of Kent and rides his cock. He bounces his meaty ass up and down. Kent grabs Cain's discarded underwear and collars him with it, pulling him down deeper onto his dick. Cain rubs Kents pecs as he gets fucked.   Kent pulls out, blasts his load onto Cain's ass and finishes him off with a creampie!

The Tour

 The Tour



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The Hottest Gay Cams Online!

September 25th, 2014

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