Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip Fuck | Cockyboys!

May 9th, 2019

Tayte Hanson & Allen King Flip Fuck!

When we flew one of our regular New York CockyBoys, Tayte Hanson, up to Montreal to hang out with our guys there, we had no idea what kind of chemistry would ignite. When you're as sexuality versatile as Tayte and Allen King though, any and everything can happen. Tayte was so excited to finally spend time with Allen that the guys fooled around, sucked, and rimmed each other the night before to practice — saving their cumshots of course for the "ovation" the next day as Tayte called it. By the way their lips locked that next day, Tayte and Allen could have been mistaken for a long-term couple. Enjoy!



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Tayte Hanson, Brent Everett Fuck Him Up | Men.com!

January 10th, 2018

Tayte Hanson & Brent Everett

Fuck Him Up!

Tayte Hanson and Brent Everett’s make-up sex is hot enough to settle any bad blood between the two former lovers. Tayte chokes on Brent’s cock while Brent preps his hole for a pounding. Tayte opens wide with the help of Brent’s strong fingers and wet tongue—that cock slides right in, turning his sweet ass out.              


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