Mark Long And Lucas Knight Size Matters At NDB!

April 4th, 2023

Mark Long & Lucas Knight

Size Matters


Poor Mark Long! He’s experiencing first hand the curse of having a gigantic cock, as his new girlfriend is too afraid of his giant rod. He’s positively blue-balled from lack of sex. Good friend Lucas Knight can understand, since he’s also got a giant cock, but he seems to think Mark may just be looking in the wrong places to get his rocks off. Mark is skeptical of Lucas’ advice, but the longer Lucas presents his case, the more Mark finds himself agreeing with Lucas’ logic, so inevitably he relents, and before he knows it, Lucas has his lips wrapped tightly around Mark’s giant shaft, going down to its 8 inch base and sucking on Mark’s balls. Mark’s cock gets hard enough to cut diamonds, so he bends his friend over the couch and proceeds to pound away at Lucas’ meaty ass, his thick cock slapping up against his stomach every time Mark thrusts deeper into him. Wanting to test it out for himself, Lucas mounts Mark, grinding onto him and spreading wide to accomodate Mark’s giant dick, as it fills Lucas up completely.



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The Reunion: Holy Gathering | NextDoorStudios!

March 10th, 2021

The Reunion Holy Gathering Of Hot Ass

Hot Series!


Dante Martin, Pierce Hartman, Brad A, Derrick Dime, Paul Canon, Markie More, Ivan James, Johnny Torque, Arad, Quentin Gainz

The culmination of a long overdue reunion has finally commenced, and the opportunity to exorcise some old demons, as the guys finally get to confront their childhood bully, Brad. To his credit, Brad doesn’t chicken out when Torque and the gang ask him to meet at Pierce’s church, and as the guys tie him down to a chair and begin to cut away his clothes, he realizes this is a night he will never forget. Enjoy!


Kevin Crows Sinks His Teeth Into Anthony Romero At NDB!

October 30th, 2020

Kevin Crows And Anthony Romero In DEAD HEAD

Kevin Crows and Anthony Romero are fucked and left and for dead. Well not literally. OK maybe literally. Stuck at a shitty Halloween party and already too late to head anywhere else, it turns out the night is threatening to be a total wash. Decked out in their sick costumes, they are literally all dressed up with nowhere to go. So, determined to make something out of nothing, they decide to make do with each other. Truth be told, they could do a lot worse, since both of these guys are about as hot as the undead could be. Sure to resurrect your cock from its slumber, go ahead and sink your teeth into this one.


Tricked Out Of The Closet NextDoorStudios!

July 22nd, 2019

River Elliott & Scotty Zee

Tricked Out Of The Closet!


Scotty hears news that his best friend, River is secretly gay. Scotty can’t help but wonder if it is true.

River finds Scotty passed out and ass up, naked on the bed spread eagle. It’s all River can do from bursting in his pants right there, but he slowly makes sure Scotty is asleep. River fixates on his friend’s perfect ass, rubbing his cock as he imagines what it’d be like to indulge in such a sweet piece of meat. Letting his curiosity get the better of him, RIver moves in closer and proceeds to quietly inhale all of Scotty’s essence as he strokes himself off.

How’s it smell? Scotty asks, startling River who takes a giant step back, embarrassed and speechless. With his friend’s status confirmed, Scotty takes it from there, as Scotty grabs his waistline and begins to suck River off. Downing his big cock, Scotty indulges River’s fantasy, laying on his back and sucking on his balls as River straddles his face and gags on Scotty’s cock.  It’s time for Scotty to find out if his friend can actually fuck or not. River is up to the task, plunging his rock hard rod deep in Scotty’s waiting ass, pounding his hole as Scotty strokes himself off, then blasting Scotty with his first load as Scotty lay cum covered and full of ideas for the future.


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Jordon James Hardbody With Huge Cock NDMale!

August 1st, 2018

Jordon James Hardbody Hunk With A Huge Cock!


Jordan James is a hardbodied hunk from SoCal with an even keel personality and a penchant for exhibition. Admitting that he has a thing for being watched, James winds down from a work-out with a little tension relieving, putting on a show in the process. With his thick, hard cock smacking against his  washboard abs, James begins to breathe heavily and his control begins to slip away. Fondling his taint with his off-hand, James runs his fingers up and down his shaft, teasing his head and massaging his balls, before standing up and flexing his lengthy chiseled frame. With a smack on his ass, he kicks into overdrive, sitting back down on a bench and spreading his legs with his massive cock at full tilt, before losing his load all over himself and throwing his head back against the wall.Enjoy!



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Luke Milan & Quentin Gainz Naked Housekeeper | NDB!

April 2nd, 2018

Luke Milan & Quentin Gainz

Naked Housekeeper

As a naked housekeeper, Luke Milan has to think on his feet, since he never can be sure just what he's gotten himself into. Quentin Gainz seems like a quiet client but Quentin seems confused and so Luke puts his hand on Quentin's thigh to help him understand. Quentin is as hard as he's ever been as Luke fucks him missionary, pulling out as Quentin is ready to bust and then watching as his client sprays his load all over himself. Enjoy!


Roman Todd & Michael Del Rey | NextDoorBuddies!

October 5th, 2017

Roman Todd & Michael Del Rey

By special request, these two studs have been paired up for a little flip fuck sesh. Michael Del Ray is well known for his monster cock, and Roman Todd is unmistakable for his statuesque physique. The two of them seem eager to get it on. Michael quickly goes down on his counter-part, deep throating Roman as he jacks himself off. Roman returns the favor, begging Michael to fuck him hard. Michael tells him he wants to eat his ass first, and Roman obliges him, bending over as Michael plunges his tongue deep into Roman's hole before slipping his cock inside. He pounds Roman with his giant dick, then when he's had his fill, they switch places and he mounts Roman's rod, riding him reverse as Roman smacks his ass. They switch one more time and Michael finishes off with a hard and thorough missionary fuck as Roman strokes his load all over himself.



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Torsten Ullman New Star Rising At Belami!

August 18th, 2017

Torsten Ullman New Star Rising

A BelamiOnline Exclusive


This is taken from the partner photoshoot of the one Belami had with Hoyt. Both were made for promotional purposes and covers and as such they had to film the solo video at the end afterwards. Torsten is to be quickly becoming a favorite for many Belami fans, and who can blame them. Tall, blond, athletic and hung we are certain to enjoy a lot more of him for a long time to come, starting with their ‘Last Summer in Greece’ special. Stay tuned for more of Torsten!!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Lucas Knight Fucks Drake Tyler | NextDoorBuddies!

July 13th, 2016

Lucas Knight Fucks Drake Tyler


It's been a while since  Lucas Knight and Drake Tyler have spent time together. Now, Drake is getting married in a few short weeks and he and Lucas have decided to catch up a bit and go for a run.  As Drake tells Lucas about the craziness of planning for the big day, Lucas senses that his old friend is nervous.  Lucas invites Drake to come by the studio at Lucas's gym so they can go over some simple moves that should help Drake to look like a stud on the dance floor on his big day.  While they slowly dance together, Lucas holds Drake by his hips, letting his growing erection under his pants brush against Drake's taught ass.  Drake can still remember the taste of Lucas's enormous cock as it slid in and out of his mouth. Drake tells Lucas he still remembers it, as it's been the only time Drake has messed around with a guy.  Lucas coaxes Drake into having one more hookup, since he won't be able to once he's married.  Drake doesn't put up much resistance, and is out of his clothes quick.  He goes to his knees to enjoy that  fat dick  that's been such a prominent memory for several years.  Lucas can tell Drake has been salivating for more ever since their one night of experimentation.  Lucas returns the favor by bobbing on Drake's erection for a while.  Then Drake climbs onto a bench and presents his hole to Lucas.  Lucas pounds his friend's tight ass for a while, being sure to make the experience count.


Zane Porter And Drake Tyler Hard Choices NDB!

November 13th, 2015

Zane Porter & Drake Tyler

In Love Or Money!



Zane Porter has an important decision to make. He can marry a fiance his parents picked or run away with his secret flame Drake Tyler. He needs to know he's made the right choice, so he meets Drake in private. Zane's body tenses up, and he wants to attack his crush with every ounce of energy inside him. Drake senses the electricity and pulls Zane closer. They kiss as Drake runs his hands down Zane's back, and Zane quickly falls to his knees, taking Drake's cock into his mouth. Zane pushes Drake up against a tool shed and it makes a dull thud as Drake's cock grows harder and harder. Drake turns the table on Zane, and with pants around his ankles he drops and takes Zane's rock hard dick into his mouth. Zane closes his eyes has he imagines a lifetime of this sweet sweet feeling, but then, the guys hear footsteps. They hurry into the gym and Drake keeps lookout as Zane penetrates him from behind, pumping and pounding his ass like it could be the last time. Drake feels every inch of Zane as he slides in and out, and Zane slaps Drake on his ass and really gets into it, before they move over to the bench and Drake rides Zane's cock like there was no tomorrow. Zane flips Drake over and grabs the bar for leverage, pounding away at Drake missionary style, fucking the cum right out of Drake as he spooges all over himself, before Drake pulls out and coats him with his load. It's clear to Zane the choice he must make!

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