Austin Chandler Tops Armond Rizzo Bareback | Lucas!

April 16th, 2024

Austin Chandler Fucks Armond Rizzo

Bareback – Raw!

Sizzling HOT!

This is honestly what gay bareback sex is all about: two hot guys who look awesome in and out of their clothes, huge raw dicks, and unmatched momentum during fucking! Austin Chandler has appeared on Lucas entertainment in a raw gay porn sex scene with Nova Rubio, but here he is with Armond Rizzo; it’s his first time on the site. Armond is incredibly attractive: a beautiful face, incredible skin, a killer body, and a mouth-watering cock. He’s got it all! This is a versatile encounter, so Armond slips it in Austin, but it’s when Austin tops Armond that the true fun begins. He doesn’t take it easy on the Latino, and Armond deserves some kudos for handling the action. Austin his huge in the pants and he’s not gentle, which makes it all the more fun!


Bastian Discovers The Meaning Of Really Thick | Belami!

February 24th, 2024


Bastian Discovers The Meaning Of Really Thick!

Bastian Duffy & Peter Annaud


Peter Annaud and Bastian Dufy cherish the sunshine, enjoy the beach, seek the perfect tan and for big-dicked boys to fuck watermelons. Or that’s what the Belami directors seemed to think.  It began when Marty was inspired to have Trevor yates try it. And you all saw the scene with Jack and Adam. Now comes sweet Bastian and sexy Peter.  Bastian is impressive enough in the dick department but Peter well he’s in the Jack Harrer league and maybe even thicker!  Bastian opens up and takes it all!  Enjoy!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


Sucking William All Nine Inches Corbin Fisher Hottie!

July 24th, 2015

Sucking William All Nine Inches!



William's introductory video is a double treat – William himself is quite a stud, with a totally ripped body, chiseled cheekbones, and a big and impressive cock. As hot as he is to look at, we're also treated to the sight of Brayden breaking him in with a hot blow job!

William is incredibly confident sexually, and had no problems at all agreeing to let Brayden blow him. He confesses that he totally loves BJs and loves having a talented mouth get him off (and it would indeed have to be a talented mouth to handle that big dick of his!). William is quite the exhibitionist – just see how he moves in front of the camera and sneaks in some flexing whenever he can. The prospect of getting that cock worked over for an audience was too much for him to turn down, and Brayden gets to do just that!

William doesn't just lay back and let Brayden go to work, though. After letting Brayden blow him some to start, William can't help but take charge of things and it's not long before he's feeding Brayden his cock and fucking his mouth in what has to be one of the hottest BJ vids we've shot in awhile, complete with William's huge load totally drenching Brayden!

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Biggest Hottest Belami BARE Orgy Ever Seen!!

July 14th, 2015

Biggest Belami BB ORGY Ever!

  24 Guys – 6 Days Condom Free – Hardcore Action!

Live Online Now

 A Exclusive 


Ok guys you asked for it and here it comes.  Unbutton your jeans and grab the nearest naked guy next to you and get ready for the action!  Twenty four, wild, naked, hot, horny, hung Belami guys like you have never seen!  Sucking, fucking and rolling all over each other with cum flying!  Some of the hottest gay naked euro hunks cumming together for a classic series of sexual adventures!  Stay tuned for the show!

You Won’t Believe Who’s Cumming!


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Fiery Redhead Max Thrust At NextDoorMale!

October 15th, 2014

Fiery Redhead Max Thrust!



Max Thrust is a hands on type of guy who has been all around the country keeping himself busy. Whether its pulling the motor on an old sports car, or pulling his pants off to reveal his cock,Max likes things with plenty of muscle. An avid gym nut, he reclines on the weight bench and busts out a few reps and curls before the urge takes hold of him, and he takes hold his exposed member, wagging it at the camera and stroking it as he rubs his hands up and down his body. Spreading his legs and leaning back, he works himself into a sweaty frenzy before exploding all over his stomach in a creamy well earned batch.

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