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December 9th, 2018

Could It Be Too Big No says Martty!

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Blond hottie Martty is home alone.  Martty can't get his TV working so he calls the repair man.  Georgio Black does more than just fix his TV.  As you can see at first Martty is shocked at the size of Georgio's big dick but that doesn't detract him from his mission!  Enjoy!


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Introducing Brock Cooper An All American Solo!

September 4th, 2015


Brock Cooper An All American Solo!


Brock Cooper makes his porno debut in this All American solo for NextDoorMale. A California kid with chiseled abs and winning smile, Brock is seven kinds of perfect rolled up and spread out on the sofa for your viewing pleasure. Watch as he slowly exposes himself to the world, a star in the making just waiting to shoot off for the first time. He spreads his legs and reclines back on the red leather couch, arching his back and finally squeezing out a healthy load for all of the world to see.  This might be Brock's first porn shoot, but one look his way will tell you it won’t be his last.


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Dato Foland Axel Brooks Tub Rub MENATPLAY!

April 4th, 2015

Dato Foland & Axel Brooks

Tub Rub!



You come home from a long day at the office and you walk in on your flat mate, Dato Foland no less, laying in the tub, ripped, bronzed, wet and foamy, in the throws of a private jerk off session, what do you do?…..well exactly! Youre not going to let that opportunity pass you by, you want to be in on this ‘private’ moment too. And that’s just what suited business man Axel Brooks decides in the self same situation. He reaches into the water for a tug of that beautiful Russian cock and in response Dato tugs on Axels tie pulling him in close for a kiss. As Axels shirt and pants begin to get wet Dato strips him down , pushes him over the bath and rims him ready for a good long hard fucking. Two masculine body beautifuls wet and shiny and fucking till they shoot over each other – now we all just need to find the right flatmate to make this fantasy come true ( or just watch TubRub on, it’s the next best thing)

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Chip Tanner LA Free Spirit And Dancer Busts A Nut!

May 15th, 2013

Chip Tanner L.A. Free Spirit & Dancer Busts A Nut!



Chip Tanner is a free spirit from Los Angeles with a few tricks up his sleeve and a few toys in his collection. A dancer and an acrobat, he shows his limber talents of strength and flexibility before getting comfortable on the sofa and stretching out. Spreading his legs in a perfect 180 degree split, the bulge in his pants becomes prominent, as it grows beneath the cut of his silky shorts. Always looking for attention. this self-described horndog slowly peels off his shorts to reveal his gymnast body. Rolling over onto his knees, he pops his booty and locks his muscles, before getting down to the business at hand. He lubes up his Fleshjack and plunges his cock inside, working it in and out, up and down. Almost ready to burst, he holds off, switching to a silver dildo and inserting it into his hole while he continues to stroke himself away. With the dildo penetrating him, he feels a rush of ecstatic pleasure and can't hold off much longer, finally his load explodes. Enjoy!

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Inside Job Landon Conrad And Issac Jones!

November 10th, 2012

Inside Job Landon Conrad And Issac Jones!



When Issac is refused a bank loan he demands to see the Bank Manager thinking it has to be a mistake by the incompetent staff. But when the Bank manager himself informs him that he does not qualify for a loan Issac's temper flares and refuses to hear Mr Conrads reasons. So much so that Landon asks him very firmly to leave his office, but Issac will not leave that easily and the situation gets physical resulting in a struggle between the two men. But Issac has had enough of being talked down to by suits on a power trip and decides to show the Bank Manager and lesson by throwing him over his desk, ripping open the seam of his suit pants and giving his ass a good hard pounding. And although Issac still does not get the loan in the end, he's happy that at least he's given the big boss what was coming to him, not mention walking out covered in Landon's hot cum!

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