Horse Hung Jamie Fucks Travis | CorbinFisher!

July 8th, 2024

Horse Hung Jamie Fucks Travis!


Yes, your psychic powers work! When we were all first introduced to Jamie and his 10 inch, massively thick dick, a great many of you almost demanded we get Travis to bottom for him and even expressed just how eager you were to see that very thing happen! We all know Travis is an awesome bottom and thoroughly loves to get fucked, so there was just no way we were going to let a big, thick, 10 inch cock find it’s way to CF without it also finding it’s way deep into Travis’ hole!

It was never a question of whether Travis would bottom for Jamie. It was only a question of just how much Travis would love it, how much fun Jamie would have totally drilling Travis’ ass, and how hot it all would look and sound for us! Answers? Travis loved it. Jamie had a blast. And it’s all hot as hell to watch and listen to!


Aiden Tops Dawson On Corbin Fisher!

August 17th, 2015

Aiden Buries His Cock In Dawson



HEIGHT 5' 11" WEIGHT 196 lbs HAIR Brown
BUILD Muscular COCK 8" Cut SHOE 11

HEIGHT 5' 11" WEIGHT 185 lbs HAIR Blonde
BUILD Muscular COCK 7.5" Cut SHOE 11

Corbin Fisher legend Dawson is known for his ripped, Greek god physique. Rising superstar Aiden is known for his gigantic Herculean build. So when these sexual titans meet, it's definitely and awesome event that is bound to heat up fast!

Aiden and Dawson relax on the bed, but not for long! The two bodybuilders compare Dawson's chiseled chest and abs with Aiden's muscle mass, then kiss. Dawson says he's heard stories about Aiden's size – and he's not talking about how big his biceps are! “You're so fucking hot,” Aiden pants, as Dawson gives him an amazing blowjob. 

Aiden eagerly bobs his head up to suck Dawson's dick. Dawson gets on top of Aiden's cock and slides slowly down. It takes Dawson a minute to get used to the  size of it. “This is the tightest ass I've ever felt,” Aiden declares. Dawson rides up and down on Aiden's dick. “That's so much cock!” he says. Aiden drills up into him slowly at first, then increases the speed. Dawson bounces up and down, his own stiff dick swinging from side to side………….. 

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