Kyle Stevens "Comes Clean" Exclusive At

Video Gallery Update

Manifest Men presents a rare treat, an opportunity to be close-up in every way possible with mouth-watering Kyle Stevens a day after a bodybuilding show. This is more than just a bedside interview with a handsome half-naked world-class bodybuilder and intelligent and personable world-class gentleman. It’s a triple threat video. You’ll learn all about Kyle Stevens with some honest answers to a series of insightful questions—although you may not hear the answers with your eyes transfixed on his incredible physique. Interwoven in the interview are video clips of Kyle posing on top of the bed wearing nothing but a jockstrap and showing why his muscle body has made him so popular in the webcam chats.
For the third part of this visual feast you get to see what few will EVER see-Kyle Stevens in the shower, soaping up a body that just won’t quit, showing you exactly what HE wants you to see. Whether it’s his powerful thick pecs, his muscled bubble butt or his thick quads you won’t be able to stop looking and admiring the discipline carved into each muscle.  Enjoy.

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